Dan Posner

VP of Business Development

Dan started his career in management with Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Northern Virginia. He left the East Coast for Utah, where he helped to start and grow Leadgenix, a digital marketing company based in Provo, Utah. After growing that agency into a multi-million dollar group as president, he oversaw the merger of Leadgenix with Big Leap in late 2015.

His career thus far has been in developing relationships. Dan has developed partnerships for years and that’s what grew Leadgenix from $1,500 per month into a group that brought in $1.7 million in 2014.

Dan is originally from Connecticut and was married in Washington DC. He has a little boy and little girl. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching a 4-5 year-old soccer team. Dan is excited to join the Big Leap team, where he hopes to deliver incredible results to both partners and clients.