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It’s no surprise backlinks are one of Google’s top ranking factors. Start earning votes of confidence across the web to elevate your PR and search visibility potential.

Our Link Building Services:
What You Can Expect

We lean on data and analytics to deliver high-quality link-building strategies. Every strategy is uniquely tailored to your pain points and industry, so these areas may be adjusted as needed.
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Backlink Audit

We assess your current backlinks. Are they valid links that pertain to your target audience? Conducting this audit lays the right groundwork for an influential strategy.

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Competitor Backlink Audit

Using tools like Ahrefs and Semrush, we analyze your competitors’ links. This helps identify improvements to make along with what to capitalize on.

Roadmap Establishment

Based on the audit results, we discuss your link acquisition goals and establish an action plan. Your roadmap includes milestones to address your roadblocks.

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Prospect Link Opportunities

Our team has relationships with many sites/publishers in a variety of industries. We leverage these connections to conduct outreach and win lucrative link opportunities.

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High-Quality Content Creation

When your content offers value, others want to link to your page. Our in-house team of strategists, writers, editors, and designers deliver exceptional content.

Local Citations

If you’re a business that services multiple locations, local citations help you earn additional, lucrative backlinks. We get your brand listed on local directories.

Leveraging Link Building for Digital PR:
What’s in It for You?

Acquire votes of confidence from industry peers and experts → Elevate your brand exposure → Gain higher rankings in search results → Bolster traffic/conversions

Sites that rank #1 on Google have 3.8× more backlinks than the remainder of the top 10 sites.


SEO experts say backlinking is the third most important factor for SEO.


51% of marketers say link building tactics reap positive benefits within 1-3 months of execution.

Tried-and-True Link Building Strategies in Action

Our team has had the pleasure of helping businesses earn quality backlinks. Dive into these case studies and learn about the lucrative strategies that bolstered our clients’ digital PR.
Roofing Contractor Client
19,639 Increase in Ranking Positions
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5,170% Increase in Site Impressions
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105% Increase in Organic Traffic
Cybersecurity Management anonymized logo
+5,502 Total Organic Keywords
Current Home solar and roofing services logo
556% Increase in New Users

Link Building FAQs

Digital PR is a promotional strategy that aims to elevate a brand’s online presence via:

  • Driving traffic to a site or a specific page
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Earning backlinks from authoritative and relevant sites
  • Boosting its social following and engagement

Link building is an SEO and digital PR strategy that earns one-way links (backlinks) to a site. Earning quality and relevant links to your site is important in elevating your brand’s credibility and digital presence.

According to Google, prominent backlinks play an important role in helping the search engine assess the quality of your site page.

The search engine makes a fair point—after all, when you have many authoritative and relevant sites pointing to yours, it means your brand and site evoke credibility and trust.

Google—whose main purpose is to provide the best user experience possible—will reward this with better online rankings and visibility.

Yes! Successful link building strategies will help your brand and site earn lucrative exposure and rankings.

Earning quality backlinks means other brands trust you as a resource for a specific subject. In addition, links from authoritative pages pass more authority to your site. This Google algorithm is known as PageRank (PR).

Simply put, link building is essential to any successful SEO and digital PR strategy.

The best link type is rich with credibility and relevance (it shouldn’t just be a random site) that links to your site and business.

You should also think about how you’re sourcing a backlink—because in the world of link building, there are two buckets:

  • White-hat link building is ethical link building that stays rooted in EAT principles. The best links come from high-quality content and relevant sites and are earned naturally without having to ask for them.
  • Black-hat link building isunethical link building that puts more emphasis on quantity (the number of links) versus quality (how valuable and relevant a link is).

For more details and examples on good vs. bad links, check out our complete guide on how to build links.

It depends on the project goals, the size of your business, and the industry you’re in. On average, it can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars a month. While some agencies offer fixed-priced packages, other teams may provide customized pricing based on your specific goals.

We encourage you to speak with an SEO link building agency to discuss your needs and receive a custom estimate.

Internal links are links that direct from one page on your own site to another. Backlinks are links from other sites that direct to your site. Both play vital roles in your SEO and digital PR strategy.

Leverage Lucrative Link Building Strategies with a Digital PR Agency

It takes a lot of research and strategy to execute a link building plan that works. The team behind Big Leap’s SEO and digital PR services is here to help you with whatever gaps you need to fill to achieve your online objectives. Connect with a team member.

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