How to Optimize Your Crawl Budget in 2019

With Amazon same-day delivery, Uber Eats, and the instant access the internet provides us to almost all information known to man, we’ve all gotten so accustomed to right now results that we sometimes forget that not everyone that happens online is instant and that some things take time. Believe it or not, site crawlability is […]

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Business people or office workers on the workplace back view,flat vector illustration.

How to Use Heatmapping Data to Your Benefit

You’re running a Google Ads campaign and SEO campaign, simultaneously working hard to send as much traffic as possible to a single landing page. Google Analytics can tell you where the site viewers are coming from, how long they’re staying, and if they move on or click away. You notice that a lot of users– […]

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5 Ways to Get More Organic Page 1 Rankings

Want to have more of your website showing up on the first page of Google rankings without paying an arm and a leg for PPC campaigns? Of course, you do! Who wouldn’t? The fact that this is such a popular ambition, of course, makes it all that more competitive and difficult to achieve. In many […]

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11 Questions to Ask Your SEO Agency Today

SEO agencies are seemingly everywhere, but there are so many unqualified, not-so-great agencies out there that they make it difficult for potential clients to find the ones that are actually good at what they do. And then sometimes even the best agencies won’t be a great fit for a certain client based on the client’s […]

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What We Know About Google’s Index Bug

Sometimes Google releases a new algorithm that can send everything into a tailspin because it’s prioritizing or punishing site behaviors or characteristics that it hadn’t before. This can leave everyone scrambling to try to keep up. Sometimes, though, an algorithm update can send everything into a tailspin because of an unexpected, unintended glitch. This happened […]

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