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Company Size1-10 employees
Business TypeFor Profit
Project GoalsRaise $1M on Kickstarter
Project Overview

Nomatic partnered with Big Leap to successfully market their unique travel bags and accessories. As an eCommerce company blooming in a digital world, they knew they would need a high standard of marketing expertise and execution to play with the “big boys” such as Amazon and other massively-popular online stores.

We knew that extensive eCommerce SEO marketing was a must, but it was going to take a lot more than that to conquer the competition and establish profitable brand awareness. So, we crafted a unique strategy to utilize the power of social media influencers, bloggers, and celebrities.

After an extensive outreach campaign, we were able to negotiate long term influencer agreements on behalf of Nomatic, arrange for featured reviews on popular travel blogs, and even obtain endorsements from several NFL athletes during the Super Bowl.


Our Strategy

Intense Outreach

Nomatic presented us with a very specific and ambitious goal: to raise $1M in Kickstarter funds for their new Messenger/Laptop Bags. This undertaking put Big Leap on a whole new playing field. We had no prior project to draw data from and no clear way to measure the parameters for success. All we had was a million dollar goal and a Kickstarter page.

Are you familiar with the philosophy, “shoot for the moon to land on the stars”? We decided to shoot for the sun — about $50k beyond the original goal. We pooled our resources, crafted an aggressive plan of action, and amplified the magnitude of our estimated efforts ten times over.

We reached out to countless social media influencers and popular travel bloggers to lay a genuine groundwork for a mutually-beneficial relationship. With Nomatic’s help, we sent out 25 of their Kickstarter bags every month to various influencers and bloggers that would endorse the product all over the web to thousands (if not millions) of followers, subscribers, and fans.

Take Ellie and Jared for example, a pair of popular Youtube vloggers with over 1.5M subscribers. They published a video titled “What’s In My Hospital Bag?”, wherein Jared promotes Nomatic’s product. The video has since racked up over 400,000 views and counting.

Thanks to our outreach efforts, Nomatic products started appearing on a number of popular travel blogs and review sites, such as The Broke Backpacker, Travel and Leisure, and the Indie Traveler.

But we didn’t stop there. Our next move was to get in contact with the CAA. Through them, we were able to connect the Nomatic brand with several NFL athletes, including Alex Smith, Luke Kuechly, Prince Amukamara, Desmond Howard, Hunter Henry, Matthew Berry, Danny Kanell, and others. Many of these high-profile athletes were so pleased with their new travel bag, they endorsed the product on their social media profiles.

This magnitude of exposure put Nomatic in front of hundreds of thousands of social media users and opened the doors for continual invitations to a myriad of other sporting events. Even the infamous Field Yates joined our cause and agreed to an exclusive year-long endorsement partnership.

Lastly, as the cherry on top of our outreach efforts, we were able to get Nomatic in front of even more consumers by landing them a spot on Good4Utah during the program’s popular morning segment.

Search Engine Optimization

While our creative experts began brainstorming unique and powerful outreach campaigns, our SEO specialists dove right into the nitty gritty details of search engine optimization. Nomatic had a decent keyword profile, but none of the terms they were ranking for had any lucrative conversion potential. With a thorough site audit, market research, and search term analysis, we were able to hone in on a specific set of high-volume search terms that had massive potential to convert leads into paying customers.

We applied our new keyword strategy on and off the page to improve Nomatic’s rank in search engine results and increase the amount of web traffic and qualified leads that clicked their way to the website through organic searches. Our objective was not to simply try to rank for every relevant key term that came to mind, but rather, to establish a high rank for profitable, qualifying, conversion-focused keywords.

This magnitude of exposure put Nomatic in front of hundreds of thousands of social media users and opened the doors for continual invitations to a myriad of other sporting events. Even the infamous Field Yates joined our cause and agreed to an exclusive year-long endorsement partnership.


The Incredible Results

After an intensely aggressive outreach campaign and diligent SEO efforts, Nomatic raised more than their original goal of $1M, closing their kickstarter campaign with $1,053,206 and 5,668 pledges from consumers who were eager to try their product.

Furthermore, Nomatic was finally ranking well in search engine results for high-volume keywords that were destined to convert interested leads into satisfied customers. Today, Nomatic is doing so well that they’ve earned a slot on the 2019 Inc. 5000 — a renowned list of the fastest growing companies in America.

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