Take Full Control of Your Online Reputation.

What are people saying about your business? Want that perception to change? The online landscape can be a scary place. But rest assured, with our reputation management services, you can fix this. We’ll help you harness the right strategies and take full control of your reputation.

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management (ORM) is a strategy that proactively monitors and controls your company or personal brand online.

There are three different types of reputation management:

  • Managing reviews
  • Monitoring brand mentions
  • Controlling and influencing search results

Reputation management is no walk in the park—you can’t simply take down websites from search engines or change your public image overnight. It requires tapping into various strategies like:

  • SEO: Owning your branded keywords to push negative listings further down the SERPs (search engine results pages), while pulling positive listings up.
  • Content marketing: Repurposing high-quality content and conducting outreach to spread the word about the positive aspects of your brand.
  • Review monitoring: Using online tools to consistently keep track of brand mentions and respond to customer feedback.

The Hard Truth About Online Reputation Management

Your reputation matters. How you appear online can impact your business, career, and sometimes even your personal life.

94% of consumers say an online review has convinced them to avoid a company. (ReviewTrackers)


79% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. (BrightLocal)


Nearly 70% of online consumers look at a product review before making a purchase. (OptinMonster)


Businesses with one negative listing on the first page of search results risk losing 22% of their customers. This increases to 59.2% if they have three negative listings, and 70% if they have four or more negative listings. (Moz)

Is Online Reputation Management Your Solution?

Managing your reputation can feel overwhelming. The negativity is relentless, appreciation is seldom, and your to-do list is a mile and a half long. So if these sound like you, rest easy knowing we’ll shoulder most of the weight.
Is Online Reputation Management Your Solution
Frustrated with erroneous or legally defamatory online listings
Not getting enough business
Struggling to gain and distribute more customer reviews
Unsure how to manage customer feedback
Need a hand creating a positive brand image

Online Reputation Management Strategies That Deliver

Even though there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to reputation management, there are key resources you need to navigate through the process.
Here’s what we offer:

Brand Health Analysis

We’ll start by evaluating your online listings to put together a strategy roadmap with long-term campaign goals.

search magnifying glass icon

SERP landscape evaluation

What kind of brand mentions exist on search results? Are they positive or negative? Do you have full control over these listings? We’ll evaluate these points to identify areas for improvement and opportunities.

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Reputation management audit

What web properties do you need to control? Are your social channels optimized well? What keywords need to be leveraged? We’ll dive into an extensive audit that focuses on 3 areas: your sites, social channels, and content.

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Reporting dashboard

All of that data from the audits need to go somewhere. We’ll set up an internal reporting software to record our findings and use it to give us a big picture look at your campaign and identify anything we missed.

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Strategy roadmap

This is where we take time to put together all of our audit findings to create a 6-month roadmap. We’ll share this roadmap with your team to ensure we’re targeting the points that matter to you.

Roadmap Implementation

This is the meat of the campaign. Our reputation management team will leverage their digital marketing expertise and skills to bolster your online presence.

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We put SEO front and center by ensuring the top-ranking results for your brand are controlled by YOU. This involves keyword research and setting up key platforms like Google My Business.

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Backlinks & outreach

Backlinks are crucial in building your authority on the web. Through outreach and link acquisition campaigns, we’ll circulate your content to help you nurture a more beneficial brand identity.

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Content marketing

We’ll take your branded keywords and use them to repurpose high-quality content on third-party sites. This will help push more positive listings at the top of search results, while moving your negative listings further down.

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From email to social media campaigns, we’ll help you leverage the right platforms to win more reviews. More importantly, we’ll help you respond to negative reviews, so you can leave a lasting impression.

Monitoring & Reporting

It’s not just about circulating new and improved content. It’s also about being meticulous listeners. After executing your campaign, we’ll proactively monitor its progress and make necessary changes.

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Dashboard updates

We’ll revisit keywords every other month to track changes in competition and create new content. Our team will also help you monitor your review sites. When your search rankings shift, these will be updated in your dashboard.

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Monthly reporting

Each month, we’ll provide your team with reports that outline KPIs, recent wins, concerns, and the next course of action. Our team will help you test out new strategies to achieve greater results.

Why Choose Big Leap

At Big Leap, we never settle for subpar results. We thrive on creating customized strategies to achieve results that matter to you. See for yourself below!

energy & power
100% positive scores in the top 10 positions on the SERP
85% positive scores in the top 20 position on the SERP
nuskin logo horizontal
108% Jump in Positive Search Results
40% Dip in Negative Search Results
Security & Home Automation Systems logo
100% Increase in Users and Page Views
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12,642 Ranking Keywords
Agility White Logo
1,571% Increase in Keywords

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What Our Clients Have To Say

“The workflow was seamless, so long as we could keep up with them. There was no lack of initiative – we really felt as if they were just off-site branches of our team, as committed, or more, to our goals as we were.”

Venafi logo

“Big Leap has been a great partner. They have become like an extension of our team rather than a vendor that you rarely hear from. We’re in constant communication between both teams and work on a multitude of projects together at all times. Big Leap has also been easy to integrate into projects with other partners of ours, expanding our marketing team’s capabilities.”

VisionWorks logo

“The crew at Big Leap has been an awesome resource on the technical SEO front. They dug in to truly understand our business and adjusted their reports to give us visibility to the metrics that matter most to us. If companies need the help of an expert on the technical SEO front, they should engage Big Leap. Together, we’ve been building our marketing site into an inbound lead generating powerhouse.”

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“They understand our industry and so they know what is best for our company.”

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“From adjusting keyword strategies to implementing customer-centric content on our website, Big Leap’s proactivity and expertise have ultimately increased our organic web traffic, engagement, and overall sales. Additionally, their customized reporting has helped my team in both understanding SEO and determining what our next steps should be. I think it goes without saying that this team has been central to growing our digital marketing efforts in an authentic, collaborative way.”

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Learn & Grow with Our Online Reputation Management Resources

You’re Not a Bad Brand,
Just Misunderstood.

Let’s show the web what your company is really all about. Our online reputation management services are exactly what you need to secure a better brand identity and a brighter future. Contact our experts today to start reaping the rewards of a beneficial partnership with Big Leap.

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