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Project Overview

Increase in Organic Page Views
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Increase in Organic Users
Website www.spoonfulofcomfort.com
Industry eCommerce
Value Provided SEO and Content Marketing.

Project Overview

What can you do when a loved one is sick or hurting, especially when they live far away? Spoonful of Comfort founder was faced with this question when her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer—but lived in another country. How could she show her mother how much she cared, and in some way, offer comfort? Immediately, delicious homemade soup came to mind; it’s like a warm hug from your bowl.

Giving people a way to share love and offer comfort from afar is the foundation of Spoonful of Comfort, an eCommerce company that ships “homemade” soup and care packages. They wanted to reach more people who turn to the internet for ways to comfort loved ones who are sick or struggling, and came to Big Leap in July 2018 to rank higher in keywords revolving around “get well gifts”.

Keep reading to see how Big Leap helped Spoonful of Comfort dominate pivotal keywords and become an authority in their space, or contact our specialists today to see how we can help your business command your own niche.


Our Strategy

Together, Spoonful of Comfort and Big Leap honed in on a single specific keyword phrase and concentrated efforts there. After extensive research, Big Leap’s content marketing specialists identified a prime opportunity to increase organic traffic and revenue through a campaign that created valuable and evergreen content and channeled the power of influencers and thought leaders.

This targeted strategy yielded incredible results, with Spoonful of Comfort capturing Google’s answer box for two keywords and scoring first page rankings for several more. Their organic traffic doubled, which in turn doubled organic revenue.

Content Strategy

One of the driving forces of our strategy was a targeted focus on a keyword that had massive potential because of low competition. We developed a content marketing strategy that launched with a long-form, evergreen article designed to become an authority piece while offering substantial value to readers.

In addition to creating valuable content, our SEO specialists identified several LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords that search engines use to better understand content on a webpage, and incorporated those into relevant FAQs. This greatly added to the informational value of the content and boosted brand visibility, keyword rankings, and organic traffic.

Collaboration with Influencers & Thought Leaders

In this day and age, when the opinions of certain people online wields remarkable clout, we recognized an opportunity to tap into the power of thought leaders and influencers. We reached out to request contributions for our content, and saw a robust response. This not only added value and authority to the piece, but also greatly boosted link authority as the contributors shared our content.

Organic traffic on Spoonful of Comfort’s site doubled, with a 103% increase in organic sessions, 94% increase in organic users, and 107% increase in organic pageviews.


The Results

Through a focused strategy, backed by SEO know-how and a creative approach, within a year Spoonful of Comfort grabbed Google’s coveted answer box for two prime keywords and secured 500 top 10 rankings and 350 top 3 rankings. Their crowning piece of content has also captured over 2,500 organic keywords since publication, and continues to have a strong showing.

Organic traffic on Spoonful of Comfort’s site doubled, with a 103% increase in organic sessions, 94% increase in organic users, and 107% increase in organic pageviews. Brand visibility has skyrocketed along with organic traffic and revenue, and Spoonful of Comfort is reaping the rewards from helping more and more people comfort loved ones with just a click.

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