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eCommerce SEO Case Study with Spoonful of Comfort

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Project Overview

Increase in Organic Revenue
Revenue Generated from Blog Posts
Increase in Organic Transactions
Industry eCommerce
Value Provided Increase in organic revenue, number of transactions, and average order value

Project Overview

The saying no pain, no gain proves true even in the digital marketing world. In fact, it’s the cornerstone from which lucrative, long-term results grow. And we could all use a boost, especially in the loud and crowded eCommerce world. Spoonful of Comfort is a true testament to this. 

This eCommerce business has helped millions of people spread love and comfort from afar. With their care packages surging in popularity (thanks to their feature on Shark Tank), Spoonful was faced with not only staying on top of their expansion but also emulating these developments on their site while earning bottom-line results. 

They hired Big Leap in 2018 after a lack of results from a previous SEO agency. Fast forward five years and Spoonful has earned a 2,362.26% boost in organic revenue. 

Learn what Spoonful of Comfort’s strategy encompassed to help them bolster and maintain their online authority. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration to help you cut through the eCommerce noise.


Our Strategy

While our five-year partnership has covered a lot of ground, big and small, three key strategies served as the pillars of Spoonful of Comfort’s campaign: 

  • Content marketing 
  • Site migration & technical SEO
  • Site maintenance

These areas leaned on creativity and technical expertise to inject our client’s online presence with the holistic approach it needed. 

1. Bridging the Gap with Content Marketing

Content Creation

Going in, we knew content would play a key role. It would be the butter to the SEO bread, allowing Spoonful to elevate its authority—something that should not be overlooked when attempting to bolster your brand in such a crowded space.

We established this authority via topic clusters that covered various subjects surrounding a single keyword. As we created content, we also ensured to interlink related articles to one another, gradually building a solid internal link structure. 

Content Optimization

Due to the higher number of content pieces produced throughout the years, we also emphasized: 

  • Optimizing and refreshing content
  • Running content audits to identify new gaps
  • Updating CTAs to increase the likelihood of conversions. 

These optimization efforts have helped elevate the customer journey—bridging the gap between blog posts and product pages, ultimately crafting a holistic eCommerce experience. 

2. Site Migration via Technical SEO

To offer a better eCommerce experience, Spoonful of Comfort decided to migrate their site from WordPress to Shopify. With over 1000 pages, we invested a lot of attention to the technical SEO components involved with the move. 

Examples include reviewing:

  • The staging site on Shopify 
  • URL structure 
  • Metadata
  • Site speed
  • Internal linking structure 

These efforts ensured search engines were crawling their site and current and prospective customers would receive a high-quality user experience. 

3. Streamlining SEO Processes

It’s no secret products come and go in the eCommerce world. And when you’ve got a large site, collectively establishing SEO continuity is crucial to achieving and maintaining lucrative online gains. 

In the case of Spoonful, our team decided to build and streamline a process for managing these scenarios. We implemented an ongoing SEO process with Spoonful’s product, content, and development teams. This would ensure SEO best practices were considered as our client’s site grew over time.

From the traffic and revenue numbers to the total number of keywords, the results have been amazing. Spoonful’s business is so unique and the mission and purpose of their business is meaningful.

Haley Bunch

SEO Manager


The Results

By investing in consistent, quality content and white-hat SEO practices throughout the years, Spoonful of Comfort has achieved bottom-line results.

When comparing data from July 2018 to May 2023, noteworthy outcomes include: 

  • 2,362.26% increase in organic revenue
  • 21.65% increase in average order value
  • 1,901.82% increase in organic transactions
  • 1,963.06% increase in organic keyword rankings 
Transactions significantly increased between 2018 and 2023

And that’s not all: 

  • From January 2020 to July 2022, we created and optimized 104 different blog posts that generated $462,000+ in revenue
Graph showing an increase in transactions between February 2016 and February 2023

Some of the blog content we published years ago still gets 10,000+ organic pageviews per month. This illustrates the value, trust, and engagement high-quality content can reel in from an SEO and business standpoint.

Traffic trends of Spoonful of Comfort working with Big Leap for SEO services

Thanks to our topic cluster efforts, Spoonful has seen substantial growth in position rankings for keywords such as: 

  • “Soup gifts”
  • “Soup care package”
  • “Comfort soup delivery”
  • “Get well basket ideas”
  • “Get well gift ideas”
  • “Get well care package”
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