Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson

Executive Vice President of Client Operations

Expertise: Digital marketing, business management and operations, organizational development, and customer success

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, University of Phoenix


  • Over 17 years of experience in the digital marketing industry

  • Has taken on both in-house and agency roles, working with approximately 300 clients

  • Career spans 25-30 different industries including education, entertainment, tech, and restaurant and retail service sectors

  • Globetrotter (34 different countries under his belt), camper, and Premier League soccer enthusiast


2006 was the year Eric’s digital marketing journey began. He launched his March Madness basketball bracket site with friends and soon, to his surprise, people from all over the country started joining as well. Once Eric found out those users discovered his site via Google, he was fascinated. He’s been hooked on digital marketing from then on.

Since his March Madness success, Eric has worked with approximately 300 clients, including brands such as NBC, Dell, and Kroger.

His experience with both in-house and agency roles across a diverse array of industries helped him grow into a jack-of-all-trades. This broad knowledge drove him to successfully take on business management and operations, marketing, and customer success roles.

Eric attributes crossing paths with unique individuals (one of them cited as Bryan Phelps) as having helped him and his career journey for the better. At Big Leap, he looks forward to solving problems and driving initiatives for the benefit of the team. Eric finds great fulfillment in cracking the code to the never-ending shifts that develop in the online marketing industry. It is these changes that drives him daily.


Eric received a Business Management degree from the University of Phoenix, which helped him find his way into the digital marketing realm—a place he describes as an industry that simply “made sense to me.”

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