Looking for a Measurable Increase in In-Store Visitors

Enterprise Content Marketing Case Study with Visionworks

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Project Overview

Increase in Clicks
Increase in Impressions to Local Pages
Increase in Organic Sessions Overall
Website https://www.visionworks.com/
Company Size Mulit-location
Industry Consumer Product
Value Provided SEO, Content Creation & Content Optimization
Project Overview

One of the biggest challenges for brick-and-mortar stores is to see their digital marketing efforts convert into in-store visitors. Sure, you may get a lot of traffic, but that won’t mean anything if your customers never show up. This is what Visionworks needed help with.

Visionworks started working with Big Leap in 2019 after they heard about our services from another client. At that time, we helped them maintain their organic traffic and leads during their website migration. Those efforts produced a 124% increase in organic views while we helped them create over 250 pages of local content.

For this campaign, we devised a strategy that helped Visionworks see a measurable increase in their in-store visitors. Read on to find out what we did, or contact Big Leap to learn more about what we could do for your company.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Over the last two years, we’ve enacted several SEO campaigns to drive continual improvement. Most recently, we took a look at their Locations subdomain’s performance. The more traffic we could push towards that page, the more foot-traffic we could attract to their brick-and-mortar locations.

To bring more traffic to Visionworks’ subdomain, we focused on a new and ultra-specific keyword targeting strategy and implemented those keywords into new and old content. 

Ultra-Specific Keyword Targeting

We chose to focus on three main keyword groups—this ensured we weren’t diluting our efforts by targeting too many keywords. 

Content Creation and Re-Optimization

Visionworks has hundreds of locations across the United States. And for our optimization efforts to be successful, we needed to create localized content that Visionworks visitors could navigate to. That meant creating new content that targeted our desired keywords for each of these locations. In total, we’ve created over 300 pieces of content over a year and a half. 

While creating the new content, we also looked at each subdomain’s older content to see how we could retool those articles to fit our updated keyword targeting strategy. Fortunately, much of this content was created by our writers at Big Leap during the previous campaign; those articles were already written with SEO best practices in mind, so we just had to enrich them with content targeting our new keywords.

“When the location pages were developed, the content on the pages was thin. We felt this was a major need to address in order to help improve the visibility of their local stores. As we developed content we really dove into each location and developed content that was specific to the area where the stores were located. As 2020 came to a close, Visionworks shared with us that the Organic Channel became one of their top drivers to in-store visits.”


The Results

With Visionworks’ freshly made and updated content at their disposal, they were able to see serious improvement in their organic sessions, conversion rates, and click rates.

When comparing Q4 2020 with Q4 2019, Visionworks enjoyed a 313,000 increase in clicks and a 5.86 million increase in impressions for their local pages.

visionworks growth chart

Visionworks also saw an average increase of 59% in organic sessions when comparing Q4 2020 and Q4 2019.

visionworks growth

Visionworks’ organic search channel was also one of their top drivers to in-store visits, suggesting that our digital marketing efforts converted into real-life customers.

Gain a Clear Vision for Your Marketing Strategy

If your company manages multiple brick-and-mortar store locations, then you need to prioritize unified content marketing and SEO strategies. That’s the best way to get your leads to where you want them to go. 

With our team of digital marketing experts, you’ll get a customized plan that brings genuine innovation to your next marketing campaign. So contact us today to find out how your marketing strategy can reach new heights.

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