• Over five years in digital marketing and paid ads

  • More than 400 clients in digital marketing

  • Mountain biker, dirt biker, meat smoker, softball player


Devin has been in the digital marketing/PPC space for over five years. He first discovered his passion for sales when a friend piqued his interest in selling digital ads. Since then, Devin has worked with approximately 400 clients in diverse fields, including:

  • Local contractors
  • Law
  • eCommerce
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Insurance
  • Higher education

Throughout his career, Devin has been an administrator, marketing director, sales development representative (SDR), account executive, and now a Big Leap growth specialist. One of his favorite aspects of his work is seeing the profound impact on clients’ lives when helping their businesses thrive.

Devin excels in organization, time management, and his knowledge of paid platforms and CRM, attributing his success as a growth strategist at Big Leap to staying current with industry changes. He is a powerful force when it comes to strategic marketing, which requires an instinct for timing in addition to careful campaign planning. 

He especially loves the diversity of Big Leap’s clients and collaborating with his team. He thrives on growth development and learning new roles.

Devin’s success largely comes from his philosophy that we get our best results by learning from others, asking for input, and paying attention to experts in the field.


Devin holds a degree in Exercise Science from Utah Valley University.

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