Poor Traffic Due to a Lack of Local SEO and Accurate Listings

Travel & Transportation SEO Case Study with Avis

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Project Overview

Website www.avis.com
Company Size Over 1500 Locations
Business Type Travel & Transportation
Value Provided A Massive Local SEO Strategy

Project Overview

In 2018, Big Leap got the opportunity to partner with Avis Rent a Car, an industry leader for vehicle rentals across the globe. Avis came to us with a small number of big marketing goals, including lead generation and SEO success. They wanted to outrank their competition online, hold the top spot in search engine results, and expand their web presence to reach more qualified leads.

With 1,700 national locations and a handful of worthy contenders, we knew we needed to design a high-impact SEO strategy that was powerful enough to shake the industry and elevate Avis to the very top.

Hundreds of thousands of leads later, Avis and Big Leap are still going strong. Keep reading for the details on how we achieved such momentous results, or contact us now to start planning yours.


Our Strategy

Local SEO

With over 1,700 locations spread across North America, it was obvious that the greatest area of opportunity was in local SEO optimization for each specific location. Our goal was to reach above and beyond the generic, overarching car rental keywords, and instead, focus our efforts on location-specific keywords that could bring profitable exposure and visibility to hundreds of locations — as opposed to just one brand name.

After outlining a high-level strategy for local SEO success, we connected with existing Avis partner, Momentfeed, and aligned our local SEO efforts to accelerate our rate of optimization and achieve substantial progress in a condensed time frame.

Over the next few months, our SEO specialists and MomentFeed partners conducted a massive audit to optimize each individual map listing across Google, Bing, and other popular search engines. We corrected missing or incomplete information, improved map attributes to include images and categories, and increased the number of local citations and topical backlinks.

Content Marketing

In addition to these off-site listings, we also sought to improve the ranking potential of Avis’ location web pages to rank their website for key terms that were specific to certain cities and states across North America.

We started with a round of scrupulous site-wide SEO audits to identify areas of opportunity that would deliver the highest impact in achieving Avis’ goals. We used our findings to carve out a powerful content marketing strategy that would not only improve Avis’ SEO, but also their website domain authority and visitor metrics, such as engagement and click through rates.

With such a high volume of fresh, SEO-driven content to create, we knew that consistency would be critical in maintaining the voice, policies, and procedures of the brand. Natalee — Avis’ assigned senior strategist at Big Leap — gathered an exclusive group of highly-skilled writers to work together in creating over 300 pieces of original, cohesive website content and blog articles that were optimized for high-volume keywords and strategic internal links.

“My biggest concern with producing this much content was maintaining attention to detail from page to page and making a positive organic traffic impact with each publication, so I wanted to make sure that quality was a top priority. To achieve this, I created content outlines with detailed instructions for the writing team to follow leveraging research-backed SEO opportunities, and established a thorough quality assurance editing process. The result was just what we hoped for: consistent, unique, and effective content.”

– Natalee Halling: Big Leap Senior Marketing Strategist

I never fail to be impressed by the professionalism and positive attitude of my Big Leap team. They take a humble approach to SEO, consistently over-delivering on results, working honestly and creatively to solve problems. Whether they are working with our developers, or working with other agencies and teams at Avis Budget Group, I trust the Big Leap team as much as I would trust my own internal team.
Director of eCommerce and Digital Marketing


The Results

Our tireless efforts for Avis Rent a Car resulted in a number of competitive advantages and lucrative results. First and foremost, our SEO tactics and strategies rewarded Avis with an additional 213 target keywords ranking on the first page of search engine results — and they weren’t just fluff keywords either.

Our keyword strategy for Avis included a vast range of categories and terms that were oriented around converting leads into customers. Our approach to conversion-focused keywords resulted in a profitable increase of new qualified leads — we’re talking hundreds of thousands of new leads.

With the help of our lead generation tactics and SEO marketing, Avis was able to climb the ranks in search engine results, establish a new level of domain authority in their industry, improve their brand visibility, and accelerate their company’s growth with a substantial amount of new qualified leads and customers.

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