• 6+ years of experience building relationships with clients

  • Aptitude for identifying problems and how to solve them

  • Experience working across 50+ industries

  • An avid golfer


Chris Olea has over six years of experience in the industry, starting his journey as an intern and steadily progressing through various roles. From Account Management to Sales Development, his diverse experience offers a well-rounded perspective on client management and digital marketing.

As an intern, Chris trained on Google Ads and Facebook Ads before expanding his skills to tackle SEO strategies to help understand and solve his clients’ pain points.

After working with clients in over 50 industries, he realized relationships and trust-building are just as important as the numbers.

Having worked with over 30 PPC account management clients and over 100 marketing sales clients, Chris builds trustworthy relationships both on- and offline. He leverages this trust to point out potential problems with current marketing strategies and how he can improve them, making him the perfect embodiment of Big Leap’s “Candid but Caring” culture.


Chris pursued marketing at Utah Valley University. He holds numerous Google Certifications and credits learning on the job as a large part of his education.

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