Insufficient Organic Search Rankings and Conversions Due to Rebranding

B2B SaaS SEO Case Study with Workfront

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Project Overview

Increase in Conversions
Increase in Captured Keywords
Company Size 501 – 1000 Employees
Industry B2B SaaS & Tech
Value Provided Conversion Rate Optimization & SEO

Project Overview

Workfront is an innovative software company that offers project management solutions for world-class companies like Sony, Intuit, Tommy Hilfiger, Cisco, and more. They needed help in recovering organic search presence that was lost after re-branding, and wanted to increase conversion rates on existing landing pages.

Workfront had tried working with a big NYC marketing agency, but they weren’t happy with the experience or the results. In 2015, they switched to Big Leap for national-level expertise paired with personalized attention. Together, we designed a custom strategy that attacked both of their objectives and delivered profitable results. With a collaborative and transparent partnership, we achieved a keyword increase of 1,400% and a 104% leap in conversion rates during the course of our partnership.


Our Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimization

Workfront already had a lot of great traffic for existing landing pages, but many of their website visitors weren’t converting and they didn’t know why. After a thorough examination of user behavior and content, our Big Leap specialists diagnosed the Workfront website with a lack of precision and focus.

The problem was their rebranding process had resulted in a slight shift in their target audience, just significant enough to render their current content ineffective. Our recommended solution was to hone in on a more specific, slightly different kind of audience.

We selected two pages that showed potential with the highest number of leads and lowest conversion rates. With a moderate recalibration in messaging, page optimization, and extensive a/b testing, we were able to find the perfect sweet spot.

This strategy had fantastic results, with the most successful version of one landing page netting a remarkable 104% increase in conversion and engagement. Once we had our formula for increasing revenue with optimal conversions, we put together a template to apply to other existing pages so the entire website could serve as an effective money maker.

Rebrand Recovery

As happens in business, the company AtTask decided to rebrand to Workfront. This rebrand involved switching to a new website, which also meant that Workfront lost nearly all of their organic search presence. In order to move forward, they needed Google to recognize Workfront as AtTask.

We audited their new site, then collaborated with Workfront to make changes. The campaign also involved a content marketing strategy that established authority and produced high-quality links. With our rebranding strategy, we nearly tripled their monthly organic conversions, repaired their organic search presence, and increased their rank for targeted keywords.

The team I work with at Big Leap is incredibly responsive to our organization’s needs. They adjust their approach to our specific circumstances, bring solid ideas to the table, and are great to work with!
Logan Mallory
Senior Manager of Web Strategy, Workfront


The Results

Over the course of our campaign, Workfront was able to capitalize on all the hard work and ground they’d gained before they rebranded, and also turn more page visitors into conversions.

Workfront saw increased total ranking keywords from 2,000 terms to over 30,000 terms, and from about 100 keywords on the first page to over 2,000 keywords on the first page. Big Leap helped increase rankings for targeting keywords by over 6,000 positions. We also saw an increase of nearly three times the amount of monthly organic conversions, which increased Workfront’s customer base.

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