Big Leap is a straightforward-thinking digital agency providing four core services: SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Marketing Automation. We provide all the flexibility and communication of a boutique agency combined with the scale and accountability of a global firm. We are dedicated to transparency, communication, and results.

Founded by CEO Bryan Phelps in 2008, Big Leap has earned its place on the Inc 5000, UV50 Fastest Growing Companies, MWCN Utah 100, and has achieved a “Best Company to Work For” award.


Adam Fifield
Content Marketing Manager
Ryan Skidmore
Digital Marketing Director
Danielle Schwager
Digital Marketing Manager
Bryan Phelps
Founder and CEO
Bryan Phelps has a reputation of trusted expertise with little fanfare. As founder and CEO of Big Leap, he has built a company that provides all the flexibility and communication of a boutique agency combined with the scale and accountability of a global firm. With a clear focus on four core services - SEO, Content, Social Media, and Marketing Automation - Bryan is known for his expertise, ethics, and excellence.
Brandon Henderson
Head of Brand
Cassara Naccarato
Digital Marketing Manager
Tyler Brown
Digital Marketing Director
Mason Stout
Digital Marketing Manager
CJ Lewis
Digital Marketing Director
Eric Jackson
VP of Client Services
Eric Jackson discovered a love for SEO and digital marketing after building his own March Madness bracket website in 2007. He noticed that random people across the country were finding his site on Google searches for specific keywords. A fervor to understand how Google viewed the web and how to optimize websites to be found organically ensued and he hasn’t looked back. Eric is Big Leap’s resident online reputation management expert. His digital marketing prowess has been honed over the years working with large Fortune 500 companies like KFC, HP, DELL and NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” He has no spare time, but he has been known to go camping.
Dan Posner
VP of Business Development
Dan grew up thinking he was going to be a dentist. After realizing that atomic numbers, periodontal ligaments, and Mitochondria didn’t set his heart racing, he fell into a career in sales and marketing that was much more fitting. After working with Enterprise Rent-A-Car on the east coast, Dan was recruited to Utah to help a small digital marketing group grow…and grow they did. After helping Leadgenix grow into a multi-million dollar business, he oversaw the merger and acquisition of Leadgenix to Big Leap. Dan has now helped Big Leap grow (426% over the last 3 years) and enjoys golfing, pretending to be iron chef, eating inhuman amounts of sushi, and coaching his son’s soccer team. Dan graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in communications with an emphasis in advertising and a minor in business.
Adam Jackson
Digital Marketing Manager
Jessi Meservy
Client Strategist
Mark Hanni
Digital Marketing Manager
Zach Haycock
Client Strategist
Scott Mailheau
Digital Marketing Manager
Justina Amerson
Digital Marketing Manager
Ryan Mendenhall
Digital Marketing Manager
Cory Youngberg
Digital Marketing Manager
Taylor Holtby
Client Strategist
Andrew McLellan
VP of Client Services
Andrew has spent the last decade getting the most out of digital marketing teams to generate amazing results for clients. His role is to ensure that all Big Leap clients receive world class service and stellar growth to produce long-term partnerships. When not working with the best digital marketers in the world, Andrew can be found in the great outdoors or trying to get better at rock climbing (it's slow progress).
Kailey Boucher
Social Media Manager
Whitney Matthews
Digital Marketing Manager
James Straatman
Digital Marketing Director
Matt Moody
VP of Strategic Partnerships
Matt Moody is the VP of Strategic Partnerships at Big Leap. He is responsible for connecting and fortifying relationships with other companies within the marketing ecosystem. He has lived in Utah county for 34 years and made thousands of personal and business connections with amazing people. Matt loves helping people achieve their objectives and helping their businesses grow. Outside of work Matt is a father of four and happily married. He enjoys being outdoors and is known in his neighborhood as the old guy who has too much spare time to take care of his yard.
Brook Riepl
Digital Marketing Manager
Holly Crittenen
Digital Marketing Manager
Jessi Duffin
Director of Operations
Jake Webster
Digital Marketing Manager
Carlee Jensen
Office Admin
Brandon Treadway
Digital Marketing Manager
Rachel Coleman
Digital Marketing Manager
Shemmah Al-Darweesh
Digital Marketing Manager
Phillip Sanders
Web Developer




Four Fundamental Services to Ensure Success
Big Leap Core Four Services blue logo


Big Leap SEO focuses on the fundamentals in order to create an organic search strategy that is results driven and builds a foundation for future success. Through analytics, content, and reputation management, we work to increase organic traffic to your site.

Big Leap Core Four Services light blue logo


Big Leap Social Media marketing builds your search engine rankings, gives you a platform for promoting content, and gives you the ability to interact in a meaningful way with your customers to collect valuable feedback.

Big Leap Core Four Services red logo


Big Leap Reputation Management specializes in helping to push down negative search rankings by creating new content and repurposing existing content to help get positive content ranking for your brand. We promote positive reviews and branded websites to the top of the search results page.

Big Leap Core Four Services darkgrey logo


Big Leap Marketing Automation allows you to talk directly to your clients and customers in real-time and with real answers. We help you manage, plan, measure and coordinate your marketing efforts.