Lack of Transparency and Control Over Digital Marketing Strategy.

Dentist SEO Case Study with Urban Orthodontics

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Project Overview

Increase in Keyword Positions
Increase in Conversion Rates
Improvement in Site Speed
Industry Orthodontics
Value Provided SEO, Site Speed, Content Creation
Project Overview

Digital marketing is a fickle thing. Sometimes, even if you do everything right, Google puts out an update that changes the meta. But it’s the job of digital marketing agencies to clearly communicate these hurdles to their clients.

Urban Orthodontics was not afforded this luxury. They worked with an agency that withheld vital performance metrics, so they had no idea how their website was actually performing. They sought out to find an agency that would listen for a change. This search led them to Big Leap.

Since April 2021, Big Leap has helped Urban Orthodontics get control of their data and improve their performance, even increasing their Google rankings by 1,782 positions. Here’s how we managed this achievement.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

The previous agency that Urban Orthodontics worked for left a few hoops for us to jump through, thanks to how the site was managed. With this challenge in mind, we came at this project with the goal to give Urban Orthodontics more transparency and control of their digital marketing. Here’s how we managed that:

Robust, Non-Duplicated Site Content

Every client has different content needs. Through our correspondence, we determined Urban Orthodontics needed upwards of 25 new local and main pages on their website. We also conducted local and industry-specific keyword research to ensure these pages could be optimized for SEO.

Additionally, we needed to address their duplicate content. Since their website was built by a site builder agency, the website featured a lot of content that was copied and pasted from that agency’s templates (the same templates used for their other clients). We worked with our content team to revise these pages so they would be valuable and unique to Urban Orthodontics services. 

Improved Widget Implementation

When websites are powered by WP Engine (as Urban Orthodontics is), data gathered from the websites can be further improved through widgets.

We worked with our web developer to identify key widgets we could implement to make their website analytics and interface more useful. This included a review widget to display the latest Google Business Profile reviews and other widgets that ensure their analytics information came inaccurately.

Site Speed Improvements

Site speed can make or break a website’s performance, and we wanted to help guarantee that our other efforts wouldn’t be squandered by a slow site. To fix this, we conducted a Google Search Console audit, which enabled us to identify and fix several issues with their site speed.

Full Access to Properties

Urban Orthodontic’s other agency didn’t give them access to Google Analytics or website hosting. Our client had little to no information about their marketing performance, nor could they make informed decisions about what changes needed to be made.

To combat this, we helped Urban Orthodontics set up their own accounts so they could have total access to their data. We also shared this login information with our team. This allowed for full data transparency so Urban Orthodontics knew how their site performed and we knew what to do to better optimize their strategy.

“Big Leap has been awesome to work with. They’re very responsive, give good feedback, and good explanation of the tasks at hand and what needs to be done.”


The Results

When comparing the last three months to the previous period, Urban Orthodontics saw a 5.25% increase in their organic traffic and a whopping 120% increase in goal completions.

Meanwhile, their conversion rates have increased a total of 109.03% since the start of the campaign.

For their keyword rankings, all-time rankings on Google increased by 1,782 positions and 1,044 positions on Bing. Of these rankings, 25 keywords rank on the first page of Google results (10 of those being in the top three positions).

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Site speed improvements were also a major win—increasing their GTMetrix performance by 52%.

before and after speed test comparison
Tighten Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s all too common for businesses to run into the same problems as Urban Orthodontics. Fortunately, with the right partner, you too can have better control over your strategy and see better results.

Are there loose ends in your digital marketing strategy that you need to manage? Contact Big Leap today to get your digital affairs in order.

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