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Utah SEO Services:
Why Your Business Needs a Local Utah SEO Marketing Agency

While having an SEO agency specializing in national brands is valuable, there’s something about working with a homegrown agency. If you can have an agency that does both, that’s even better.


While not restricted to local SEO agencies, it’s crucial that you partner with a Utah SEO firm experienced in boosting business visibility. Your agency of choice should understand the difference between local SEO and traditional SEO—something Big Leap excels in.

Local Partnerships

Trust is crucial in any partnership. What’s better proof than a Utah SEO agency working with other local businesses? For example, Big Leap has worked with companies in Lehi’s Silicon Slopes like BambooHR, Domo, Purple, and dozens of others.

Knowledge of Local Trends

Born in Utah, Big Leap still connects with its home state—despite working with national brands. Using a Utah SEO agency gives you the advantage of working with a team that has extensive expertise in your area. Whether your business is in Salt Lake or Utah County, Big Leap will inject your strategy with the local customization it needs to help you gain the right online traction.

Transparent Communication

A good Utah SEO company treats you as a client and a partner. Big Leap ensures our clients understand every process that goes into their strategy. We constantly communicate with our clients.

Utah SEO services done right achieve long-term, sustainable success.

We Solve Common SEO Pain Points

We founded Big Leap on trust and transparency. This foundation allows us to eliminate SEO pain points often plaguing our clients’ businesses such as:

Never Rising in Search Engine Rankings:

Having competitors always above you on a search page is frustrating. Big Leap focuses on improving keywords, site speed, content, and more so you can rise in search engine ranks.

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Content Made for Machines, Not People:

Big Leap never creates content based on keywords alone. While utitilizing the latest technology and strategies, we make content for humans and care about the reader.

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Directionless Strategy:

At Big Leap, we base our strategy on our client’s goals and the results from our monthly reports. While adaptable, our strategies are far from aimless.

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Lack of Result Reporting:

We give our clients monthly reports to highlight the latest business objectives and goals, ranking updates, and organic traffic numbers.

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Target Audience:

Our strategists have in-depth conversations with clients about their audiences and create a continuously updated guide for reference across teams.

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Poor Communication:

Big Leap loves to communicate with clients. You’ll always know what we’re working on, why we’re working on it, and how we’ll get it done.

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Unrealistic Goal Setting:

Big Leap prides itself on being honest with our clients about where to set their expectations. While we’re never negative, we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

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Utah SEO Services Designed for Getting Results

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Competitor Analysis

It’s time to stand out from the competition. We’ll analyze your competitors thoroughly to see what they’re doing right and, more importantly, what they’re doing wrong. We incorporate our findings into your strategy.

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Content Optimization and Creation

Based on research, we’ll optimize your current content or create new content to get you seen on search pages. This step is repeated as often as necessary to keep our strategy on the right track.

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Keyword Research and Implementation

We’ll find keywords your audience actually uses, in the way they use them. Once you approve, we’ll implement the keywords through content updates, new content, and in metadata.

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We’ll focus on getting your name out to locals through Google Business Profile optimization and finding local backlink opportunities.

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Monthly Reports

We maintain constant contact with our clients, offering visual monthly reports with all the info you need about SERP and organic traffic rankings. We always want our clients to know how our strategies are working toward their goals.

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Website Audit

We thoroughly analyze your website’s health, problems, and solutions to improve your SEO ranking.

Achieve the Utah SEO Results You Want

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Raised More Than $1 Million on Kickstarter
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Over 5,000 Organic Sessions a Month
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Getting More Than 94 Positive Reviews in 6 Months
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104% Increase in Conversions
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828 Ranking Keywords within 1 Month

Industries Served

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Business & Professional Services
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Car Dealers
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Financial Services
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Health & Medical
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Home Maintenance/Improvement Services
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Moving Companies
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Multi-location businesses
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National Retail
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SaaS & Technology
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“Big Leap is highly competent at content optimization and keyword research. They effectively allocate resources to maximize results. One of their content pieces is among our site’s five most-viewed pages. Overall, they’re a group of smart people that know SEO strategy.”
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“The workflow was seamless. They acted as a part of our internal team and went the extra mile to assure we were happy with the results. I really appreciate Big Leap’s level of expertise. They can solve complex problems in a timely manner.”
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“Bigleap has helped us consistently improve our SEO rankings and increase our organic traffic and revenue. Since they have joined the team (about a year ago) we have more than doubled the amount of revenue from organic sources.”
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“Their level of transparency sets them apart. It’s a trait that’s increasingly important in the SEO industry, so I truly respect their openness and honesty.”

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