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eCommerce Digital Marketing Case Study with Redmond Life

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Project Overview

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Project Overview

Redmond Life is experiencing outstanding year-over-year growth and success. But while growth is always worth celebrating, it can lead to growing pains if the company doesn’t adjust quickly. 

One issue they ran into was not having any email marketing support to keep in touch with their quickly-growing customer base. The email marketing platform they had was not designed for eCommerce or Shopify support, and no one on their team had enough email marketing experience to make the needed changes. That’s when Redmond Life found Big Leap.

With Big Leap’s experienced team, Redmond Life could offload its marketing initiatives to us while also leveraging the strategy and recommendations we had to offer. By the end of this campaign, we managed to generate nearly $1 million in email-attributed revenue.

How? Let’s talk about it.

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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Email marketing takes a village, especially at the level Redmond Life required. Between the demands of copy, graphic design, customer service, and IT, project management was a necessity. But with a combination of Redmond Life’s people and Big Leap’s marketing automation team at the helm, we found a way. Here’s a breakdown of how we did it:

Email Marketing Audit

It’s always good practice to start with an audit! We took a close look at Redmond Life’s CRM and email marketing efforts, including:

  • Previous email templates, campaigns, and metrics
  • Existing automations and processes
  • Current sales processes and user experience
  • Existing email lists and segmentation strategies
  • Current lead generation efforts

The following three sections represent the opportunities for improvement we observed during this audit.

Implementation of Missing Flows and Automation

Meeting your customers where they are is vital to the success of any email marketing campaign. The easiest way to do that is with automated email triggers, like when a customer abandons their cart or makes an account for the first time.

Redmond Life was missing a majority of these flows and automation. We quickly implemented several of these into their system, such as:

  • A welcome series for new customers
  • Automated messaging for customers who abandoned their cart
  • Automated messaging for browse abandonment
  • A customer win-back strategy to target previous customers with new or different products

These implementations alone contributed over $300K in revenue alone.

Leverage of Existing Shopify Sales Data

Shopify gives its users rich data to create finely-tuned lists to target your customers. We helped Redmond Life use this data to create targeted email campaigns to increase their upsell opportunities, with campaigns focused on various buyer behaviors.

Pop-Ups and Promotions

Redmond Life does a great job on social media, working with a strong network of influencers to push their products and generate traffic towards their website. To better capitalize on all of this traffic, we implemented a very basic, non-intrusive pop-up to join Redmond Life’s mailing list.

One of our campaigns aimed to generate a lot of interest in a new product. With our newly created segments, we put together a list of individuals who bought a corresponding product at least four times in the past. That single email blast generated over $27,000 in sales.
They get results, they are ethical, they are transparent. They see what you need to do and partner with you to accomplish your goals. After years of working with them – I trust them completely.
Andy Selcho
Owner of AlphaGraphics, Sandy, UT


The Results

That simple pop-up implementation has put in great work for Redmond Life. As of this writing, the form has generated over 25,000 submissions and boasts an impressive conversion rate of 10.4%

Redmond Life Case Study Big Leap Digital Marketing Agency Gets Results

Our email flows and automation have generated $318,000 in total, with our Welcome Email campaign accounting for a large majority of that ($236,000).

Redmond Life email flow
Redmond Life revenue comparison

Since the beginning of this campaign, we’ve managed to generate at least $50,000 every month. Talk about impressive passive revenue streams!

Hyper-Specific Email Targeting for the Future

But there’s one more benefit that isn’t easily explained with a metric. Thanks to the huge swaths of data we gathered, Redmond Life can now create hyper-specific segments of their audience, which they can use to custom-tailored email messages to pique those segments’ interest in new products.

One of our campaigns aimed to generate a lot of interest in a new product. With our newly created segments, we put together a list of individuals who bought a corresponding product at least four times in the past. That single email blast generated over $27,000 in sales.

Redmond Life email marketing results

It performed so well that we put together a 2nd email to a similar cohort. This time it was sent to people who weren’t on that first list and who had bought the product at least once. This 2nd email produced more than $16k.

Redmond Life email marketing results
It's Time to Automate

Redmond Life isn’t alone—27% of companies surveyed consider themselves “new” to marketing and email automation. Are you one of those companies? Then partner with Big Leap today to make the most of your online traffic.

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