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Project Overview

Increase in Clicks
Increase in Organic Views
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Industry Retail — Eyewear/Optical
Value Provided Improved Organic Traffic, Brand Awareness, and Content Strategy

Project Overview

Change is a natural part of business. Especially when it comes to your digital presence, having a proper game plan for transitions is critical in establishing a long-lasting operation. This is what Visionworks sought out to do.

With over 700 retail locations in more than 40 states, Visionworks is dedicated to providing quality eye care services and expertise. Healthcare is a highly competitive and scrutinized world, so Visionworks understands that integrity is key to building a positive reputation and relationship with their customers.

Through a client referral, Visionworks approached Big Leap in 2019 before migrating their site’s CMS. Website migrations are one of the largest online challenges for businesses, and Visionworks needed guidance on wading through their transition while successfully maintaining a strong foothold in the SEO space. Together, we created a customized strategy that helped their site quickly rebound after their migration and increased their organic views by over 100% and clicks by over 40%.


Our Strategy

To establish a sustaining online presence for Visionworks, our Digital Marketing team at Big Leap focused on two main strategies: executing a meticulous and collaborative migration plan and formulating localized and long-form content.

Meticulous & Collaborative Site Migration Plan

Our SEO experts were ready to spearhead Visionworks’ SEO strategy with a comprehensive site migration checklist. A primary focus was on implementing proper redirects to ensure that their site’s vital content and landing pages were transitioned onto their new platform.

We also made sure to cover all of Visionworks’ SEO bases by conducting a meticulous site audit before and after the migration. This allowed our team to analyze and identify aspects of their site that needed fine-tuning. The pre-migration audit focused on the site’s overall health and standing, while the post-migration audit focused on the site’s organic performance. Through this, we were able to determine the areas that needed immediate attention and areas that required more of a long-term strategy approach.

Understanding that collaboration is essential to any business relationship—especially one that lives in the ever-evolving SEO landscape—Big Leap worked closely with the Visionworks team throughout this transition process. We mapped out the operation together and established actionable plans for foreseeable and impending issues.

Localized & Long-Form Content

After a successful site migration, the Visionworks team entrusted us to heighten their online and brand visibility. Our Digital Marketing experts knew that staying on top of the latest tactics and trends was essential in providing valuable and accurate information to their audience. So we came up with two unique content ideas to fuel Visionworks’ authority.

Localized Content: Whatever industry you are in, it’s vital to craft a customized strategy tailored to your business’ needs. Our team noticed there was a lack of content on Visionworks’ site. The site carried limitations on the amount of content that could be published on their main navigation pages, so we had to think outside the box to create supplementary content.

Seeing that there was an opportunity to improve their local ranking, our team created localized content for over 250 of their location pages. Our SEO and Content experts fleshed out the location details of each store while incorporating keywords focused on the city and offerings. This not only enhanced the quality of their location pages, but also fostered higher rankings with relevant keywords.

Long-Form Content: Planning high caliber content didn’t stop there—our team generated new ideas to produce comprehensive and long-form written content that would provide valuable information to their audience. These written pieces not only illuminated Visionworks’ wide range of services (eye exams, glasses/frames, and contact lenses), but they also helped gain an edge against prominent competitors of their industry.

Big Leap has been a great partner. They have become like an extension of our team rather than a vendor that you rarely hear from. We’re in constant communication between both teams and work on a multitude of projects together at all times. Big Leap has also been easy to integrate into projects with other partners of ours, expanding our marketing team’s capabilities.
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The Results

With Big Leap’s expertise, Visionworks was able to make sure that all the technical aspects were in place during the migration process, which set the company on the right path moving forward. By locking in a solid migration plan, our team helped Visionworks’ site rebound in as little as a month after their transition.

As our partnership with Visionworks grew after a successful migration, Big Leap dove into curating localized and long-form content that helped improve their local rankings and brand awareness. For their two key markets, Texas and Florida, we’ve seen a steady growth month over month in their Google My Business Listings, with an improvement in organic views by 146.7% for Texas and 124.7% for Florida. These impressions have powered up Visionworks’ site visits with clicks increasing by 41% for Texas and 46.7% for Florida.

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Discover the Right SEO Lens for Your Business

Business transitions require thorough analysis and actionable plans. As an expert in the evolving SEO landscape, Big Leap can help by investing time, research, and innovation into your campaign. So be sure to contact us to learn more about how our experts can take your SEO marketing strategy to the next level.