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How to Breathe New Life Into Old Content


Blog posts, articles, white papers, infographics, and other types of content can be extremely valuable for your website and brand. Great content answers people’s questions, establishes your brand as an authority, helps to garner backlinks, builds up your site’s authority, and brings more traffic to your site. Most brands recognize the value of great content […]

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The Benefits of Applying Narrative and Storytelling to Content Marketing

Some businesses are just really good at content strategy.  The content they generate gets noticed; people remember it, and remember their brand as a result. People identify with the company, grow fond of it, and want to support it. We see that kind of success and want to replicate it, but so often we fall […]

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“By Your Powers Combined…”: Integrating SEO and Content Marketing for Greater Success

Back in the ‘90s, there was a cartoon called Captain Planet and the Planeteers. It was about a group of five teenagers—of surprising racial diversity—who each had a ring granting them super powers. They used these powers to fight pollution, and when the job was too big for them to handle alone, they put their […]

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How to Use Empathy Mapping to Aim Your Content at Your Audience

In a previous post, we talked about what role-playing games could teach us about aligning sales and content marketing. We also talked about how important it is to specify a target customer, and tailor your marketing narrative towards the needs and desires of said customer. Today, we’re going to use the keystone of role-playing—imagination—to help […]

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The Fellowship of the Customer: Uniting Sales and Content Marketing in an Epic Quest

In a perfect world, the content attracts valuable leads, the marketing collects those leads and passes them to the sales team, and the sales team makes the sale to the customer. But sometimes our sales team and our content marketing don’t work together the way we want them to. It’s a problem that comes up […]

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Content Marketing for SaaS Companies: Content Promotion


Content marketing is not a new idea. Since Benjamin Franklin first published Poor Richard’s Almanack in 1732, we have seen brands engaging with and promoting their products through the act of storytelling. But content marketing is much more than just telling stories.

Content marketing is, according to Neil Patel, a long term strategy which seeks to […]

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Content Marketing for SaaS Companies: Ideation, Research, & Creation

SaaS companies are in an interesting spot when it comes to interacting/connecting with their audience. Rather than having customers visit a physical location to buy the product, SaaS companies give virtual software demos, which presents a small window for face-to-face communication. With this situation in mind, how does a SaaS company establish a genuine relationship […]

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Content Marketing for SaaS Companies (That Actually Works)

Take a moment and picture a stranger on the side of the road.

They wave and motion for you to come over, which you do as you squint your eyes trying to figure out how you know them. But don’t worry, this isn’t an acquaintance whose name you’ve long forgotten — you’ve never met this person […]

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Content Ideation: How to Come Up With Great Content Ideas Backed By Real Data

The difference between creating good content and great content is that little extra “oomph.” OK, that’s not how the saying goes, but you know what I mean. Viral blogs and videos don’t just happen by sitting down and writing what you think will work. There’s a lot of research that goes into each piece. Below […]

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How to Succeed at Content Marketing for Your SaaS Company

Content marketing has become a buzzword in the digital marketing space, yet it’s often misunderstood and misapplied. To help you really nail content marketing for your SaaS company, let’s start at the beginning:
What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is about delivering the right kind of content to your customers relevant to their specific needs on their […]

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