creating blogs idea

How to Come Up With a Topic for Your Blog

People get into blogging for all kinds of reasons.   Maybe you just launched a small business and need a reliable way to build your online reputation and your SEO. Or, maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent who’s looking for a side revenue stream that doesn’t require daycare. Whatever your backstory or reason for Googling this […]

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content framework graphic

How to Create the Best Framework for Content

Content marketing is much, much more than just sitting down in front of your computer and writing whatever you feel like. It’s also about a lot more than even just writing what you think other people might find interesting. True content marketing needs to be strategic and personalized based on your business’s specific goals.   […]

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Looking at analytics on a computer

The Best KPIs for Content Marketing in 2019

Certain types of marketing or advertising campaigns can feel relatively cut and dry, even with factors like complicated attribution tossed into the mix. Google Ads, for example, will show you exactly how many clicks an ad got, what terms were used, how much you paid, and whether or not the user convert. Boom, nice and […]

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Above the Fold Content: What You Need to Know

The term “above the fold” in digital marketing lingo is used to refer to the part of a web page that is visible in the user’s browser window when a page is first loaded. Any portion of the page that the user would have to scroll down to see is considered “below the fold.” The […]

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How to Create User Intent-Focused Content

Successfully determining user intent, or search intent is the foundation of a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and conversion optimization strategy. It is impossible to succeed at optimizing your digital conversion without first addressing customer intent because if you haven’t, you really have no idea what your customers are looking for when they end up […]

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Narrative in Content Marketing

The Benefits of Applying Narrative and Storytelling to Content Marketing

Companies that are experts at content marketing really stand out for their memorable content and strong brand identity. When companies consistently generate great material, they gain loyal followers who remember the brand and want to contribute to its growth. The content strategy success of these companies is something every new company wants to emulate, but […]

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