• Closed nearly 200 deals with Big Leap

  • Digital marketer for nearly four years

  • Mastered numerous trades prior to digital marketing

  • Outdoor enthusiast and real estate nerd


Taylor has been in digital marketing for nearly four years. His professional evolution into sales began when his father-in-law suggested he get his real estate license. 

Taylor’s success as a client strategist comes partly from his diverse set of skills, drawing from his work in construction, landscaping, retail, real estate, medical equipment sales, and even physical therapy. He trained in SEO marketing sales right here at Big Leap under our very own Zach Haycock.

He considers himself a self-proclaimed sales psychology geek, going back to his roots in real estate. Taylor learned early on that the most important trait to possess in sales is authenticity. You need talent, training, and experience—but they’re all ineffective unless you are genuine with people. Additionally, he’s discovered the value of multi-tasking while remaining focused and organized.

Taylor is proud of every one of the thousands of conversations he’s had with potential clients over the years, as he celebrates coming up on his 200th closed deal.

He loves being part of the exciting Big Leap journey, surrounded by passionate people and the daily opportunities to grow and learn.

Taylor finds joy in learning about the different businesses and backgrounds of Big Leap’s clients, aligning successful marketing strategies with their goals and aspirations. He loves hearing client stories of their brand journey, understanding their unique challenges, and learning from their strengths to develop the perfect formula for their marketing.

Outside of digital marketing, Taylor enjoys being a real estate nerd and staying active in the great outdoors. His favorite activities include golfing, fly fishing, and DIY construction projects. He especially loves rock climbing and playing tennis with his wife.


Taylor has a Bachelor of Science in Human Movement from Utah State University.

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