• More than a decade of digital marketing experience

  • Worked with over 300 clients in SEO marketing

  • Traveler, drummer, and dirt bike rider


As the Director of Client Success at Big Leap, Cassara’s skills require balancing her team’s schedules, tasks, meetings, and deadlines to set a standard of excellence. She describes her greatest gift as building strong internal relationships founded on trust and using that foundation to build connections with clients. 

Cassara has been in the digital marketing space for over ten years. Her journey began as an SEO intern with a digital agency called RAIN in 2013—since then, she has developed her impressive expertise as she has worked with over 300 clients.

Earlier in her career as an SEO manager, Cassara learned the importance of knowing how to delegate tasks, identify people’s strengths, and recognize what areas of training will help people reach their potential.

Her roles over the past decade include:

  • Digital marketing specialist
  • SEO specialist
  • SEO manager
  • Client success executive
  • Client success manager
  • Director of client success

She has worked with clients from dozens of industries, learning to embrace the constant state of change in digital marketing. She loves the continuity of solving new problems, the power of communication with her team, and sharing her clients’ passion for their companies.

Cassara emphasizes the power of communication and transparency in sharing data—positive and negative—in order to solve problems. One of her great attributes is her instinct to make sure each Big Leap expert is paired with the clients who will gain the most from their strengths.

Cassara’s talent is built on a foundation of experience in SEO fulfillment, learning how processes genuinely work and how to problem-solve. This pragmatic foundation allows her to think strategically from the big picture to a granular level—from the initial audit to fulfilling every client goal. She remains part of the SEO marketing processes she has worked with to maintain perspective and share the pain points and day-to-day experiences with her team.

Cassara enjoys lifting up her coworkers, helping them through challenges, and growing together as a team. She enjoys training and the opportunity to be genuine and make sure others know she cares.

Outside of her role at Big Leap, Cassara loves traveling riding her 110 dirt bike, and plans to start playing drums again.


Cassara studied at Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University-Idaho.

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