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eCommerce SEO Case Study with Kate’s Real Food

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Project Overview


Increase in Product View Sessions


Increase in Add-To-Cart Sessions


Drop in Cart Abandonments
Industry Health & Wellness, Organic Food
Value Provided Improvement in Organic Traffic and Engagement 

Project Overview

Kate’s Real Food’s story began with Kate Schade, in search of the next adventure. To support her busy lifestyle, Kate needed an energy bar that tasted great and was made from organic ingredients. When she couldn’t find one, she decided to make her own. And till this day, Kate’s Real Food is still committed to fueling adventures with organic, great-tasting products.

By bringing adventurers quality and clean ingredients, the business garnered a loyal following. But to keep their business thriving, they knew they needed to harness the true powers of the web. They wanted to refine their SEO and build more revenue through organic traffic; not to mention, they had a site transition on the horizon, and needed to get their digital components in order.

In 2019, they reached out to Big Leap for guidance on nurturing profitable real estate in search engines. Through a collaborative partnership, we strategized a robust SEO campaign that boosted our client’s product view sessions by over 100%. These results helped our client illuminate the authenticity of their brand to the right audience and gain a deeper understanding of the digital sphere.

Keep reading for the full scoop on the unique tools and strategies Big Leap produced to help Kate’s Real Food establish a solid foothold in the online landscape. And feel free to reach out to our SEO experts to discover the customized campaigns we can map out for you.


Our Strategy

SEO is always evolving, and businesses should be vigilant and open to withstand the changing tides of the Google algorithm. Not only was Kate’s Real Food open to new ideas, but they were also keen on learning about SEO to understand how they can better utilize their marketing channels. By kicking off with the right perspective and relationship, together, we crafted robust strategies centered on content and technical SEO to produce strong results.

Content Strategy & Optimization

Content is king; and not just any content but quality content. With a focus on providing a valuable experience for our client’s audience, we decided to create a blog on their site. The content on the blog would emulate Kate’s Real Food’s values of clean ingredients, sustainable living, and outdoor adventures. Our SEO team provided guidance on keyword research, topic analysis, and quality assurance to ensure our client was on the right track.

Understanding that long-form content can nurture high organic rankings, we also worked on building out additional content on our client’s product pages.

We conducted term relevancy analyses to ensure we were targeting the right keywords and search queries and expanding these pages in a way that would evoke a positive user experience.

Technical Optimization

Missing out on technical advantages in the online landscape can give you serious FOMO. More importantly, you lose out on SEO opportunities that bring profitable connections. To ensure we had all of their client’s bases covered, our team conducted a meticulous schema markup audit. This would help better optimize their website and establish more authority and trust with search engines.

Through this audit, our team of experts were able to identify several different new markups to implement on Kate’s Real Food’s site. We wrote the code and worked with their web development team to integrate them. Moreover, our SEO experts produced and implemented new metadata to help further optimize their site.

“From adjusting keyword strategies to implementing customer-centric content on our website, Big Leap’s proactivity and expertise have ultimately increased our organic web traffic, engagement, and overall sales. Additionally, their customized reporting has helped my team in both understanding SEO and determining what our next steps should be. I think it goes without saying that this team has been central to growing our digital marketing efforts in an authentic, collaborative way.”
Kate’s Real Food


The Results

With these strategies, Big Leap ignited Kate’s Real Food’s online presence, reeling in impressive results. They’ve seen improvements in all organic traffic KPIs, with an increase in page views by 54.5%.

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We saw Kate’s Real Food’s target keyword rankings jump up numerous positions since the beginning of the campaign. While it typically takes about three months to see a full recovery with site transitions, with our solid content and technical optimizations, their site was able to recover in as little as one month.

And that’s not all—in eight months, their engagement skyrocketed with product view sessions increasing by 139.76%, add-to-cart sessions increasing by 77.4%, and their cart abandonment rate dropping by 41.37%.

Kate's Real Food results

Boost Your Online Presence

When it comes to your digital presence, never settle. We sure don’t. Our team at Big Leap never stops learning and strategizing until we bring you the results your business needs to stay ahead. Quality and lasting results are what we strive for. Want to see how we can build customized strategies to help the right customers find you? Contact us today.

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