• Digital marketer for 15+ years
  • Helped grow Leadgenix through to its Big Leap merger
  • Helped demystify SEO for hundreds of thankful clients
  • Coaches son’s lacrosse, plays mixed doubles pickleball with his wife, loves sports and useless sports trivia, and eats as much Asian food as he can


Dan has a natural talent for sales. The realization he can make a difference by helping people solve problems has been his motivation toward excellence for the last 15 years.

Dan was first introduced to digital marketing by a guest lecturer while studying at BYU. At the time, Dan worked with a group that built websites, and when he discussed the idea of forming a partnership with this lecturer, he not only agreed but then proceeded to hire Dan to lead sales and business development for his company within the next week.

Dan has climbed the ranks from interning with Enterprise Rent-a-Car to becoming the president of a small agency. He was instrumental in helping grow Leadgenix through to its merger with Big Leap and now proudly helps lead sales and business development at Big Leap.

He has found that the most crucial skill for achieving excellence in business development is “listening, listening, listening, and then listening some more.” Dan is a natural observer, vitalized by constantly learning about new industries.

Dan’s role at Big Leap affords him daily opportunities to demystify the voodoo of SEO for grateful individuals from every industry. By educating people about SEO and paid campaigns, he gets to build trust with clients who have been burned by less reputable marketers in the past.

Dan’s areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Team management
  • Understanding roles and industries
  • Team and organization development
  • Communicating digital marketing to potential clients

Outside his role at Big Leap, Dan loves helping coach his son’s lacrosse team and is a fan of pickleball, golf, useless sports trivia, and eating as much Asian food as possible.


Dan holds a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and (thanks to one missing math class) almost a minor in Business from BYU.

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