Drop in Organic Traffic Due to Site/Brand Refresh

SaaS SEO Case Study with Canopy

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Project Overview

Increase in Keywords Ranking
Increase in 1st Page Rankings
Increase in Site Sessions
Website https://www.getcanopy.com/
Industry SaaS – Accounting
Value Provided SEO & Website Optimization
Project Overview

A brand refresh is more than just an updated logo and a new color scheme. Refreshing a brand means refreshing everything about the marketing strategy—targeted keywords, messaging tactics, and the way companies interact with their customers. And when a new website launch is involved, that can produce significant drops in your organic traffic while Google rescans your site.

When Canopy came to Big Leap in 2020 for help with their brand refresh, they knew about these hurdles. But they wanted to optimize this opportunity to create vertical momentum for their business’s growth. In order to do so, partnering with a digital marketing agency was a must. In fact, it would drastically improve their chances for success. 

Their decision paid off. Big Leap helped Canopy increase their organic sessions by over 25 percent compared to the previous year. Read on to learn how we accomplished this and more.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

As Canopy was going through its brand update, we were able to provide enough support to keep its marketing efforts intact and up-to-date. Here’s how we managed:

Collaborative Keyword Research

Canopy wanted a full keyword overhaul for its organic strategy. In previous campaigns, we exclusively took on all the research. But this time we approached research with collaboration in mind. 

Using Canopy’s expertise in their industry, we spent time together brainstorming new keywords we could try to rank for. This provided us with a more accurate understanding of industry terms so we could use the keywords in the most correct context possible. 

SEO Enriched Pillar Pages

With those keywords in tow, we implemented them into pillar page creation and optimization.

But again, we took a more collaborative approach: we did the research and provided full outlines while their team wrote the content.

We found this to be the best of both worlds—the experienced marketing team (Big Leap) created an outline designed for SEO while the industry experts (Canopy) put that on paper. In the meantime, our team looked at their older content and found ways to optimize them with our new set of keywords.

Back-to-Basics Site Optimization

Sometimes you don’t need to mess with the basics. To help Canopy regain the traffic they lost from their new website launch, we implemented the basic best practices for web development:

  • Site speed optimization
  • Internal link building
  • Existing content optimization (as stated in the previous section)
  • Metadata insertion
Our greatest achievements in this campaign were capturing keyword rankings for their new targeting strategy and regaining some of the lost traffic that occurred after their site migration.


The Results

Our greatest achievements in this campaign were capturing keyword rankings for their new targeting strategy and regaining some of the lost traffic that occurred after their site migration.

Compared to Q1 of 2021, our work in Q2 increased Canopy’s site sessions by 25 percent. Meanwhile, we also managed to reduce the client’s bounce rate by 26 percent.

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For keywords, Canopy managed to land a 600 percent increase in first-page keyword rankings for the new keywords we targeted. That was part of the larger trend: we helped Canopy increase its total ranking keywords by 1,056% percent.

Find a Collaborative Marketing Partner Today

Marketing is easy when experts work together, which is what we enjoyed so much about our work with Canopy. If that sounds like your cup of tea, we’re happy to provide the same service for your business. Contact us today to get started.

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