You want to surpass your competitors and get seen by the right people. SEO and PPC will help you get there, no problem. 

But here’s the catch—not every SEO and PPC service provider is the same. It takes research and several conversations to find the right client-agency fit. So, while we have you on this page, we’d like to encourage you to consider Big Leap, because well, we might just hit it off. 

At Big Leap, our team leverages 15+ years of experience to deliver industry-based SEO and PPC services. Our track record of success with online methodologies illustrates the distinctive value we can bring to help your enterprise or multi-location business unlock lucrative opportunities. 

Explore our resources below to get a better sense of what industries need SEO and PPC the most and how Big Leap can make the right impact. Each section offers snippets of insight from one of our robust guides. 

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How a B2B SEO Agency Can Skyrocket Your Enterprise

Enterprise sites are a behemoth to manage, and this includes SEO. The right B2B agency can take on the heavy-duty work by synthesizing and executing tailored B2B strategies for your team.

Here are a few critical checklist items we’ve fulfilled for enterprise businesses: 

  • Technical site audits: A 160-point technical site audit helps us ensure your website meets all search engine requirements for crawling and indexing. 
  • Content marketing: Our B2B agency has experience working with multiple key stakeholders to execute keyword research, content strategy, and distribution and outreach. We offer access to a diverse talent pool, so you’ll have all the brainpower you need invested in your campaign.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO): As your site and business grow, we’ll tap into user analytics to assess how we can consistently get more out of your existing traffic and leads. 
  • Data-driven decision-making: Our team will identify growth metrics and make sure they connect to the bigger picture. 
  • Scalability and flexibility: Big Leap shifts digital marketing strategies to align with changing enterprise needs and objectives. We stay updated on industry trends, scale SEO efforts, and ensure long-term success.

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Below are the results we’ve achieved for our top enterprise clients.


104% increase in conversions and 1400% increase in positions on Google


Big Leap Digital Marketing Agency Case Study for Paystand

Finch Brands

Big Leap Digital Marketing Agency Case Study for Finch Brands

Local SEO for Multi-Location Businesses

When companies approach us with local SEO challenges for their multi-location business, they want reassurance that duplicate content, inaccurate or outdated listings, and underperforming rankings are solvable.

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We assure tangible results. 

Our strategy with Visionworks (700+ retail locations in more than 40 states) included: 

  • Collaborating on a full-site migration
  • Creating over 250 optimized local content pages
  • Developing long-form blog and on-site content

The outcome:

124% increase in organic views

Similarly, our work with Avis Rent a Car, boasting 1,700 locations across North America, demonstrates our ability to drive SEO success across a vast network. We enhanced our client’s local pages’ visibility and traffic through targeted content strategies and location-specific keyword campaigns.

The outcome:

Franchise, Multi-Location & Enterprise PPC Management

These types of organizations have unique needs and challenges. Every day, the PPC experts at Big Leap tackle those challenges head-on with proven methods.

Tailoring PPC strategies for franchises and multi-location businesses involves identifying unique keyword opportunities while avoiding cannibalization. 

At Big Leap, we personalize strategies by incorporating details about your brand, location, and unique selling points to reach a highly targeted audience. We drive authenticity by: 

  • Using real images of stores
  • Mentioning local landmarks in ad copy
  • Creating event-based ads tailored to local audiences

For enterprises operating at a national or multinational level, our PPC management services cater to several varying factors across branded products, services, or chains. These factors include: 

  • Complex organizational structures
  • Diverse audience demographics
  • Specific performance goals
  • Local niches
  • Intricate marketing objectives

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SEO for Family Law & Personal Injury Lawyers

With a focus on transparency and expertise, Big Leap has helped law firms like The Law Office of Eric Harron and Ipson Law (among others) achieve significant improvements:

  • The Law Office of Eric Harron: Driven by a strategic approach to content and site optimization, our client earned a 65% increase in organic sessions and a 54% increase in contact form submissions. This led to more leads and higher conversions. 
  • Ipson Law: Since partnering with Big Leap in 2020, Ispon Law has gained 5,277 positions on Google and 291 positions on Google Local. Notably, 60 of its targeted keywords rank on the first page. A top-performing blog post written by Big Leap ranks for 344 keywords and owns three featured snippets.

These results illustrate our expertise in delivering tangible outcomes for law firms seeking to enhance their online presence and attract more clients. Understanding the unique challenges of the legal industry, we incorporate factors like advertising regulations, niche keywords, and reputation management.

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Tactics to Elevate Your Law Firm PPC Campaign

Truth be told, lawyer-related keywords are among the most expensive to promote and difficult to rank in search engines. Without a winning marketing strategy, online visibility can be a real challenge. 

A well-executed PPC campaign for a law firm can yield several key benefits, such as:

  • Increased lead generation: Expect more targeted leads over time as your PPC expert refines ad performance based on campaign metrics.
  • Increased website traffic: You’ll see more direct clicks to your landing page. Aligning PPC keywords with your website’s SEO strategy can also lead to improved organic rankings.
  • Enhanced brand awareness: By targeting specific keywords and using retargeting strategies, your brand will gain visibility in relevant places, aiding in brand recall and attracting your target audience.
  • Improved conversion rates: Focusing on effective keywords and messaging that are aligned with your website content enhances the likelihood of converting clicks into desired actions.
  • Higher ROI: Proper management of PPC ensures maximum value from each click, translating visibility into profitable outcomes and avoiding overspending.
  • Increased awareness through positive feedback: Quality PPC efforts lead to positive online interactions, increasing opportunities for clients to share their positive experiences with your services. This generates further awareness through word of mouth.

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PPC for Contractors: HVAC Professionals, Plumbers, and Roofers

You might have the best HVAC, plumbing, or roofing service out there, but that means nothing if prospective customers can’t find you online.

Here are some examples of key PPC strategies the Big Leap team leverages to elevate lead generation efforts. Since every business is different, your strategy may involve additional or different tactics to help achieve your goals.

  • Understanding business objectives through discussions with specialists
  • Creating a budget aligned with campaign goals, balancing quality and affordability
  • Analyzing competitor landscapes and audience personas to refine targeting
  • Tailoring ads to geographic locations and identifying niche keywords
  • Crafting keyword-focused ad and landing page copy to engage and convert users
  • Continuously tracking relevant metrics to make data-driven decisions and adapt to changes in the online marketing landscape

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See how lucrative PPC strategies have manifested for our HVAC clients.

Absolute Air

Big Leap Digital Marketing Agency Case Study for Absolute Air

OyBoy Heating and Cooling

Big Leap Digital Marketing Agency Case Study for OyBoy

Roof Maxx

Big Leap Digital Marketing Agency Case Study for Roof Maxx

SEO for Higher Education Institutions: Get Seen by Prospective Students

With an abundance of higher education and job training options out there: 

  • How do you get your institution to stand out from your competitors online? 
  • How do you communicate quality and value to your prospective students or trainees?
  • How can you stay on top of Google standards while ensuring online content abides by your institution’s legal standards? 
  • How do you achieve all of the above cost-effectively? 

While higher education strategies vary depending on the needs of your institution, there are several levers we can pull to address your needs and pain points, such as:

  • Local SEO: If your institution offers courses across multiple geographic locations, we inject your site pages with location-specific content and create a consistent standard operating procedure to streamline processes.
  • Content strategy: We’ll help you produce content tailored to specific types of students. Examples include guides or infographics that outline your admissions process, interviews with notable alumni, and webinars that outline state requirements for particular licenses. 
  • Reputation management: Be in the driver’s seat when it comes to the online reputation of your institution. Execute a strong backlink and outreach strategy to build a beneficial brand identity. 
  • Lead nurturing: Through PPC and multi-channel techniques, we’ll elevate traffic to your site without breaking the bank and keep up conversations with leads. 

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Higher education institutions and training providers have trusted Big Leap as their digital marketing partner. As a result, they’ve earned great online success. 

Here’s what that looks like.

GED Testing Service + Big Leap = Results

Higher Education Client

Big Leap Digital Marketing Agency Case Study for Higher Education

Corporate Leadership & Training Firm

Big Leap Digital Marketing Agency Case Study for Leadership Training & Consulting

eCommerce Potential: What You Get with a Shopify SEO Services Expert

For eCommerce businesses, Shopify has a lot to offer. But it’s common to bump into problems like these: 

Partnering with a Shopify SEO agency will help you lay the right groundwork for improving your online shopping experience. The results? Better sales and more efficient spending on your end. 

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For example, Spoonful of Comfort came to Big Leap after a lack of results from a previous SEO agency. Big Leap designed a custom SEO plan based on their unique needs, leading to the following results.

Big Leap Digital Marketing Agency Case Study for Spoonful of Comfort

SEO for Dentists and Orthodontists

For most dental practices:  

Using SEO for dentists is more than writing a few blog posts or executing local SEO—you also need to meet Google’s Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) standard. Google holds your dental practice to a higher standard when ranking because false information can have a real-world impact on users.

This requires abiding by E-E-A-T principles. Our team can help you vigilantly execute these principles via: 

  • Online reputation management, such as social proof and review methods
  • Link building
  • Competitor audits

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Here are a couple of dental clients on our roster.

Urban Orthodontics

Big Leap Digital Marketing Agency Case Study for Urban Orthodontics


SEO for the Financial Services Industry

In the highly competitive financial industry, you have to be conscious of legal standards. This requires following regulated practices and leaning on precise information to build trust with Google and your target audience.

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These financial industry clients are a true testament to that. Leaning on expertise, vigilance, and strategy, we’ve been able to navigate unique challenges together. 

CORE: Big Leap revamped CORE’s outdated website and implemented a content marketing strategy targeting government, healthcare, and higher education audiences. We aligned CORE’s PPC efforts with branded terms, resulting in improved leads, lower CPA, and better click-through rates.

The results:

Big Leap Digital Marketing Agency Case Study for CORE

Power Finance Texas: A business must walk a fine line in the payday lending space. There are unique and often challenging verbiage and online reputation standards to follow. The Big Leap team accepted the challenge of helping our client identify strategic ways to elevate its content while winning its audience’s trust and Google’s trust.

Throughout our 10+ year relationship, we’ve been able to proactively manage online volatilities while leveraging conversion opportunities. 

The results:

Together Power Finance Texas and Big Leap achieved big results!

Bolster Your Journey to Success: Start the Conversation with Big Leap

Big Leap has the multidisciplinary experience and expertise to carry out effective industry-based SEO and PPC tactics. Whether you’re a location-based, multi-location or enterprise business, we’ll help you identify lucrative opportunities and elevate your potential for success. 

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