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SEO Case Study with Higher Education

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Project Overview

Jump in YouTube Traffic
Increase in Keyword Rankings
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Industry Higher Education
Value Provided Reputation Management and Improvement in Keyword and Video Ranking

Project Overview

Education is a vital institution that creates and molds our future leaders. But with a myriad of academic resources out there, it’s crucial to have a positive and robust online presence to attract top educators and prospective students.

A certain company in the education space was having a difficult time nurturing a beneficial brand identity and gaining valuable real estate in search engines. They sought Big Leap’s guidance in 2019 to create a lasting strategy that would bring out their A-game.

By designing a campaign rooted in analysis and data, our team of SEO experts improved this client’s online reputation and content to become a reputable source in the digital landscape. This ultimately boosted their YouTube channel to the first page of the SERP and helped them garner a 132% jump in traffic.


Our Strategy

To bolster this client’s brand reputation and ranking, our SEO experts spearheaded various video optimization efforts. We looked at leveling up their digital game through two strategies: extensive competitor research and meticulous video analysis.

Extensive Competitor Research to Build a Solid Roadmap

Our SEO experts knew that they were dealing with a highly competitive field and needed to identify critical advantages. We noticed this client had a lot of YouTube content, so we examined their competitors to track video trends and patterns.

Through our analysis, we discovered common types of videos that surfaced among their competitors such as review, comparison, and explanatory content. We also noticed that competitors with high rankings carried their brand names in these videos. Since this client wasn’t optimized well for both factors, our Digital Marketers used these elements to build out a solid roadmap to improve their visibility and bury negative results.

Meticulous Video Audits to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Specificity is key to winning the affection of search engines. Our Digital Marketers fleshed out a rigorous campaign process, organizing YouTube best practices into categories. These practices were each assigned a performance score along with numbers that ranked the level of effort and impact they would have on the campaign.

Using these audit points, our SEO team mapped out in-depth video recommendations, which outlined ways to rewrite keyword-rich descriptions. By integrating these optimizations, not only would our client capture more views on YouTube, but also generate higher traffic in search engines.

The client reported that their YouTube channel jumped to the first page of the SERP one month after executing our project. This bolstered their YouTube channel traffic by a whopping 132%.


The Results

Through extensive research and meticulous audits, Big Leap was able to refine the client’s online presence and brand identity. They won several more keywords in the top 10 positions in just one month after our first round of optimization efforts, and we saw 54% increase in their overall keyword ranking.

The client reported that their YouTube channel jumped to the first page of the SERP one month after executing our project. This bolstered their YouTube channel traffic by a whopping 132%. At the same time, one of their negative results was pushed down from the first page to the third page of SERP, polishing their online reputation.

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Ace the SEO Game Today

Building a solid SEO strategy doesn’t always necessitate creating content from scratch. Oftentimes, it requires enhancing your existing resources to help your business gain the favorable traction it needs. As a seasoned agency that has provided excellence to a diverse array of clients, Big Leap is committed to providing meticulous and value-driven services. Let’s just say, we never settle for less. So contact us to see how we can ace your online presence today.