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B2B SEO Case Study with Finch

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Project Overview

Gain in Google SERP positions
Increase in Organic Users (YOY)
Increase in Organic Pageviews (YOY)
Industry Brand Consultancy
Value Provided Built & implemented a successful SEO strategy
Project Overview

Finch Brands is a branding agency based out of Philadelphia, PA that specializes in gathering rich insights to help brands make data-based decisions. They’ve spent years crafting an end-to-end research, strategy, and design firm that can meet any company’s branding needs.

They’ve developed a reputation that attracted many clients initially, but they wanted greater reach to expand their business. Thing is, they hadn’t invested much into an SEO strategy. After shopping around, they came across a company with values they believed in: One built on trust and lasting results, Big Leap.

As this was essentially Finch Brands’ first foray into an SEO strategy, we took it upon ourselves to show them what SEO was capable of. That led to a plan that produced upwards of 706 new Google SERP positions.

So let’s talk about the strategy that got us there.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

We had three main areas of focus: Keyword research, answer box audits, and content creation.

Keyword Research

We had a lot to play with in terms of keyword research. Since Finch Brands hadn’t tackled SEO before, virtually every keyword was already up for grabs without any risk of keyword cannibalization. We quickly gathered a long list of potential keywords we could begin targeting in future content pieces.

Answer Box Audits

During our keyword research, we came across several phrases that could result in answer boxes. This prompted us to dive deeper with an answer box audit, which involved looking at the content that currently captures the answer box and seeing how we could make our content more valuable.

We also looked at all answer boxes Finch Brands already captured and saw what we could do to better optimize those pieces so they could maintain their answer box.

Content Creation

With our initial keyword research in place, it was time to create content. We collaborated with Finch Brands for a while to make sure each topic reflected their services well and that every article we published was a proper representation of their brand’s tone and authority.

This part was admittedly tricky—Finch has a high standard for its content, and rightfully so. As a company so focused on branding, they want to ensure every word of our content was properly placed and represented well. We collaborated with Finch’s team to ensure we delivered something they could then imbue with their special expertise.

While they handled the fine-tuning, we also worked on building out a system of internal links. We identified several pages that could benefit from linking internally and implemented them into 17 web pages and blog articles.

We performed an audit for Finch and saw an opportunity with several related keywords that all had answer boxes in the search results. We worked with our content team to product a blog post that would target these search terms and were thrilled to see how quickly the content took over the answer box position for all of the terms.
Madi Munnerlyn
SEO Manager


The Results

In a little over a year of our partnership, we’ve helped Finch Brands grow their organic pageviews by 90.28%, which is a 92.71% increase in unique pageviews.

This graph shows how we’ve helped Finch Brands grow their organic pageviews by 90.28%

When looking at year-over-year traffic, Finch Brands saw a 143.15% increase in organic sessions and 154.14% more organic users.

This graph shows a 143.15% increase in organic sessions and 154.14% more organic users.

Our efforts have also helped the branding agency grow its keyword rankings, gaining 706 Google SERP positions since we launched the SEO campaign in 2021.

This graph shows a gain of 706 Google SERP positions.
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