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Digital Marketing Case Study with CORE

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Project Overview

Increase in Keyword Positions
Increase in Site Impressions
Increase in Organic Traffic
Industry Information Technology & Services
Value Provided Newly optimized site & improvement in organic traffic
Project Overview

At Big Leap, we’re always highlighting the value of building a holistic marketing strategy. If you’re still trying to figure out what that might look like for your business, look no further. 

CORE—a payments and customer engagement software company—approached Big Leap in 2021 to maximize their digital footprint. Their site was outdated, and they didn’t have much experience with digital marketing. So CORE partnered with our team to launch a new site with a robust SEO and content backbone.

Though the design budget was minimal, Big Leap stayed grounded in strategy and the user experience to launch an optimized website. With the right technical SEO, content marketing, and CRO strategies, CORE and Big Leap built a holistic marketing campaign that earned our client a 5170.66% boost in site impressions and more.

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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Launching a new site was an all-hands-on-deck experience. Big Leap’s SEO, content marketing, CRO, and web development teams worked together to expand CORE’s visibility exponentially.

Robust Sitemap

We kicked off the campaign by building out a robust sitemap, which involved: 

  • Identifying what new pages and content we needed 
  • Mapping out all pages that needed to be redirected to the new site
  • Collaborating with Big Leap’s web development team to optimize technical SEO site elements such as site speed and structure—this would ensure we were laying the groundwork for generating organic growth

Content Marketing

You can have the greatest products and services mankind has ever built, but the reality is, no one’s actually going to care unless you convince them. You need credible, authoritative content that resonates with your target audience. And this is exactly what we focused on next with CORE’s content. 

In total, we wrote 26 pieces of content that comprised landing pages and high-quality blog posts. 

Landing Pages

Our client mainly serves clients in three different industries—government, healthcare, and higher education. Big Leap’s content marketing and SEO teams focused on creating landing pages specific to each of those audiences. 

The goal was to ensure CORE was covering all of their audience’s key questions and providing a seamless user experience.

High-Quality Blog Posts

Using industry and competitor analysis, our SEO and content marketing teams then focused on producing new, high-quality blog content to boost the site’s authority, ranking, and backlinks. 

These content pieces would fill the gaps in their customer journey with relevant and authoritative content. 

We also SEO-optimized roughly 30 pages of existing content to weave in relevant keywords and boost CORE’S visibility on the web.

Paid Advertising

Our goal with CORE is to be efficient with ad spend in order to achieve the highest value traffic.  Big Leap bids on brand terms to help augment and capture organic traffic. We remarket to individuals who visit our client’s website allowing us to stay top of mind by following up with remarketing ads. We also implemented strategies for lower funnel prospecting by strengthening Affinity Audiences, Look-a-like audiences, and site visitors. Doing this allowed us to generate higher-intent leads at a lower CPA and increased overall Ad Relevance and Clickthrough Rate.

To help further bolster the viability of CORE’s content and SEO efforts, our paid media team focused on augmenting the client’s organic traffic. This entailed: 

  • Bidding on branded terms to capture and convert organic traffic 
  • Safeguarding CORE’s visibility and authority in a highly competitive space
  • Remarketing to maintain brand awareness in CORE’s site visitors
  • Incorporating lower-funnel prospecting to generate higher-intent leads at a lower cost-per-action (CPA)

Web Dev

We optimized technical SEO site elements such as site speed and structure—this would ensure we were laying the groundwork for generating organic growth. The website had no online presence prior to working with Big Leap. They began with only a handful of pages. We worked with CORE to sunset 4 websites and redirect them to their main site. We built out 29 service pages to explain what they do and help significantly with organic rankings. We also built out a resource library on their site to enable site visitors to quickly find applicable resources by topic or content type. We’ve built out webinar pages, case study pages, an events page, and pages explaining what pain points CORE helps organizations address. 

Our team implemented technical SEO strategies to improve the speed and structure of the site. This would ensure we were laying the groundwork for generating organic growth.

Starting with only a handful of pages. We worked with CORE to: 

  • Sunset 4 websites and redirect them to their main site
  • Build out 29 service pages to highlight CORE’s value proposition
We worked closely together on auditing the website, building a prioritized list of what we needed to tackle – from keywords to content – and what would drive the most impact. They spend hours keeping up on the latest so I don’t have to make recommendations based on what would help our brand – not generic advice but tailored to our industry and vertical. Any feedback has always been ingested and resulted in changes that have made our collaboration even better.  The team at Big Leap has truly risen to every challenge and has made us better for it.
Shash Cates
Vice President of Marketing


The Results

By revamping CORE’s site with the right technical and creative strategies, CORE bolstered their online visibility and authority:

total clicks and impressions chart

1. More users were coming to our client’s site with total impressions of 1.85 million in the past six months. This is 5170.66% more impressions compared to the beginning of CORE’s campaign.

graph showing the increase of clicks

2. Our client earned 914 keyword position increases on Google over the last six months.

Graph showing an increase of 914 keywords from August 2022 through January 2023

3. CORE earned 6,694 keyword position increases on Google.

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By creating a healthy organic traffic foundation, our team has been able to pivot the campaign more toward targeted lead acquisition and nurturing strategies.

Build a Holistic Marketing Strategy with Big Leap

This CORE campaign is a pivotal example of the value a holistic marketing strategy can provide. Big Leap had the pleasure of applying SEO, content, paid advertising, and web dev expertise to bolster our client’s online visibility and finetune their buying journey. 

For more information on what our team can do for you, check out our case studies page today.

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Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic
Increase in Organic Traffic