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Local SEO Case Study with OyBoy

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Project Overview

Increase in Keywords
Increase in New Visitors
Increase in Organic Traffic
Industry HVAC
Value Provided Improvement in organic traffic and rankings
Project Overview

The key to building a strong and lasting brand is having ownership of your digital marketing efforts. That way, your online strategy aligns with your business priorities and objectives. No business is the same, and the right digital marketing strategy will reflect this. 

When HVAC company OyBoy Heating and Cooling approached Big Leap, the HVAC team felt they didn’t have enough ownership over their digital marketing efforts. They were working with another agency at the time and felt their ideas were not being heard nor implemented. As a result, they weren’t earning the organic reach their business merited. 

Through a referral from its sister company (Absolute Air), OyBoy partnered with Big Leap in August 2021. As an agency centered on trust and relationships, we prioritized their needs to map out a strategy that would help OyBoy regain control over their online efforts.

“We wanted better reporting and support, I felt like you guys would deliver that at the highest level.” -OyBoy

Together, we struck the perfect balance between data and personalization, earning our client an over 95% increase in organic traffic among other great things. Keep reading for all the details on this strategy!

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Big Leap collaborated closely with OyBoy to execute a customized marketing strategy. We gave them plenty of space to manage their online platforms while providing direction and ensuring our client was on track.  

Hosting Platform Migration

OyBoys’s former hosting server did not grant them access to make changes on their site; their former agency had full control over these areas. 

Thus, we worked with our web development team to transition our client over to a new hosting platform. This new platform would provide OyBoy the freedom and flexibility to make adjustments as needed on their brand’s website.

Technical SEO

Local SEO was a high priority for OyBoy. But before we made local site adjustments, we first focused on making the right technical SEO changes.

Doing this would ensure their online presence had a robust foundation to grow on. 

Our SEO team ran a full site audit and focused on improving their site speed by fixing slow load times and image sizes. These tactics would help OyBoy boost the user experience, organic presence, and search rankings. 

Local SEO

One of the main issues with OyBoy’s site was that it was primarily targeted for Lehi, UT when in reality, our client had served other additional locations in Utah. 

Big Leap’s local SEO experts worked with the client to build out a local citation spreadsheet. This spreadsheet entailed key information regarding OyBoy’s locations. We used this resource to build out local citations and major aggregators for the client’s Google My Business (GMB) pages.

“The whole team has been responsive and helpful. Our ideas have been heard and implemented.” – OyBoy


The Results

With ownership and collaboration front and center, OyBoy won: 

  • Keyword rankings: 4,237 ranking keywords on Google 
  • Organic traffic: 95.4% increase
  • Pageviews: 92.5% increase
  • New visitors: 990.9% increase

Lower bounce rate: 9.0% positive decrease

OyBoy received a 95.4% increase in organic traffic, 92.5% increase in page views and 90.0% increase in new visitors. The bounce rate went down 9% as well.

Because of these organic traffic wins, OyBoy has expanded their partnership with Big Leap by leveraging our social media, PPC, and marketing automation services. These additional strategies will help our client nurture their community of customers and capture higher-value leads. We look forward to what these additional strategies will provide for OyBoy.

Working with OyBoy has been a pleasure, here are some insights from our SEO Manager on the strategy:

“I was most excited about doing the local work for this client and getting their city pages built out. The previous company our client was working with laid some groundwork by listing out the service areas our client can work in but did not yet create content for these pages.

I knew if we could get these pages going that we could get real wins locally for the client by having them show up and compete for keywords in those local areas.

Once we executed on this strategy, we immediately began to see keyword wins which have translated to an all-time keyword increase high.

I also was excited to get their Google My Business Profile optimized as well. We had a big win in helping the client get their Orem GMB location suspension lifted and they are now receiving leads and customer actions to that location since the suspension has been lifted and their profile has been optimized by us.”-Matt J

Take Full Control of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Finding your marketing strategy is blowing hot and cold on you? Reach out to Big Leap. Our team of digital marketers will take the time to comb through your strategy and help you identify a solution that aligns with your business goals.

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