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SEO Case Study with Absolute Air

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Project Overview

New Keywords
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Business Type HVAC repair and installation
Project Goals Improving organic traffic and keyword rankings
Project Overview

Sometimes, a digital marketing plan simply does not go according to plan. Even after spending so much time and money, companies don’t see the fruits of those labors (i.e. calls and emails from potential customers).

This is where Absolute Air, an HVAC service company based in Utah, found themselves. They worked with a previous digital marketing agency to improve their local search and organic rankings, but couldn’t manage to rank for their service areas or even their company’s name. So they cut ties with that previous agency and looked for help elsewhere. 

Thanks to a connection within their network, they came into contact with Big Leap and started working with us in 2019. We helped them get their digital presence back on track and launched their organic rankings through the roof, improving their organic traffic by 787.4%.

Let’s take a look at how we achieved this.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our team saw a lot of areas for improvement and growth right away, so we were excited to tackle this project head-on. That said, we focused on three main areas in our strategy.

Far-Reaching Keyword Research

Just as we do for any of our SEO clients, we conducted robust research into potential keywords we could target. Thanks to the breadth of Absolute Air’s services, we had a lot of topics to cover. We aimed at keywords relating to all of their services, including HVAC installation and maintenance, plumbing, and weatherization.

Plus, since Absolute Air’s services are hyper-localized to Utah, we could leverage that to improve their local SEO results.

But before we went forward with implementing these keywords into our content optimization and creation, we wanted to run them by Absolute Air to get their approval and feedback. This ensured the topics we chose to cover accurately reflected their business model, meaning less need for revisions and realignments in the future.

Content Revision and Creation

After receiving feedback and approval from Absolute Air, we went ahead with our content plan. The first step was the optimization of existing content. This involved:

  • Reviewing existing content on their service pages to see what could be expanded and improved upon
  • Conducting a deadweight audit to determine how well individual pages performed (thus determining what pages could be combined or removed entirely)
  • Pumping up their service pages to be at least 350 words (which is recommended according to SEO best practices)
  • Adding internal and external links where relevant
  • Ensuring specific target keywords were embedded into the content

After the existing content was all sorted, we could move on to creating new content. We dove straight into topic research, researching keywords, trending topics, FAQs of their customers, and DIY solutions.

We took these ideas, created a content calendar, and sent it to the client for approval. Once we got the go-ahead, we worked with our creative team to create these content pieces and post them to Absolute Air’s blogs.

Website Optimization

While we researched and created content for the client, we also took a look at their website’s health and fixed any issues we found. This involved:

  • Fixing 404 pages
  • Removing duplicate content
  • Adding metadata to pages that didn’t have it
  • Adding alt text to images
  • Creating and adding robots.tct files
Their professionalism and transparency about their work set them apart. Previous SEO companies seemed to have us on autopilot without any real work completed on a regular basis, but Big Leap shows us the work being done and the results we’re seeing so it’s easy to continue to work with them. 

Absolute Air


The Results

When Absolute Air started with Big Leap, their website ranked for only 704 keywords. As of this writing, they currently rank for 4,276 keywords. Of those keywords, more than 58 are ranking for the first positions on the first Google SERP.

All time organic traffic line graph

We also managed to increase their organic visitors by 784.7% in just over two years.

March 2019 absolute air keyword chart
I was extremely excited about this project. It was unique in the fact that they weren’t ranking well for their own business name or for any of their physical locations. So we put together a custom strategy to address those exact issues. To see the amount of keywords ranking increase by more than 3x and to see that more than 7,000 users are finding their website organically is so fulfilling.

Big Leap Account Manager

Make Digital Marketing a Breeze with Big Leap

When working with a digital marketing agency, be sure to partner with one that values SEO best practices and treats you like a true business partner. Big Leap understands it’s your business on the line, so we’ll bring our expertise and help you make the right decisions to promote your business.

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