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Project Overview

Increase in Meetings Scheduled
Average Email Open Rate
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Project Goals Boost in lead qualification, engagement, and conversion

Project Overview

An engaging, thoughtful, and relevant customer experience begins and ends with how you communicate with your users. But when you’re dealing with a massive list of potential leads, how on earth do you organize them and send out personalized messages that yield results? This is an area where one of our pivotal clients, Roof Maxx, was struggling.

Roof Maxx was an SEO client of ours, but they needed Hubspot expertise and assistance with their dealer lead qualification, engagement, and conversions once interested dealers trickled into their database. So in December 2019, we deepened our partnership and strategized an advantageous marketing automation campaign for them. Through an intricate personalization and testing process, Big Leap successfully helped Roof Maxx increase the number of dealer lead meetings with their sales team and implemented key educational materials that brought a high email performance rate of nearly 40%.


Our Strategy

Marketing automation allows your business to reach out to more people on a more personal level, while saving you loads of time. Sound too good to be true? Let’s dive into the three unique strategies—email optimization, leading scoring, and A/B testing—our marketing automation and sales experts used to accomplish this.

Email Optimization with a Focus on Lead Conversion

Our team spearheaded the project by looking at Roof Maxx’s umbrella objective—lead conversion—and using this as a benchmark to determine specific KPIs to focus on. Noticing that their nurture emails were lacking a personalized touch, our marketing automation team worked on adding more value to Roof Maxx’s emails to drive engagement and conversions. We integrated educational videos and their Business Opportunity Guide to highlight the benefits of becoming a dealer for Roof Maxx and nurture leads further down the funnel.

To speak with email recipients on a more personal level, our marketing automation experts revamped the subject lines and content to instill a conversational and natural voice. This also included incorporating applicable images and videos to help bring together an email that sparked relevancy and engagement.

Roof Maxx really wanted to create a bridge between their prospective dealers and their sales team. So we made it easier for leads to schedule a meeting with the sales representatives by adding the team’s calendar link directly in the email. We then crafted a compelling call-to-action around this link to entice dealer leads to claim this opportunity.

Lead Scoring Implementation

Roof Maxx was getting hundreds of leads every week, but their sales team didn’t have the bandwidth to screen and qualify every single lead. We established a lead scoring/qualification tool to help them prioritize and identify individuals who were ready to convert.

Building this involved setting up a criteria based on specific actions a prospect would take to engage with their brand and convert. This criteria carried an automated scoring system that would help rank, segment, and easily pinpoint which leads have been engaged and ready to parade down the funnel.

Especially since Roof Maxx had a fairly small corporate team, this lead scoring system allowed them to proactively keep track of qualified leads, while saving their business time and effort.

A/B Testing to Identify Areas of Improvement and Minimize Risk

So we built a digital experience that we felt would convert, but how could we really know if it would work? Our team took full advantage of A/B testing to accurately measure the campaign.

The A/B results gave our marketing and sales experts guidance on which components (email content, CTAs, subject lines, headlines, etc.) of the campaign needed updating and how to fine tune them to reel in higher conversion rates. Continuous testing was key in driving the most optimizations and conversions over time.

“Our sales team has had more meetings scheduled with prospects than ever before, and they are all better quality and ready-to-buy leads. It’s incredible.”


The Results

Through Big Leap’s expertise, Roof Maxx was able to generate more qualified and prospective leads, and their sales team experienced a boost in meetings scheduled with potential dealers. In fact one month, the amount of meetings scheduled doubled.

By producing personalized emails and incorporating lead scoring that segmented their audience, our client was able to generate unique messages that fueled high performance rates of approximately 38% in email opens and 14% in click rates.

Incorporating their Business Opportunity Guide in the emails performed especially well, reeling in 48.07% in email opens and 21.55% in click rates.

On top of more leads, the marketing automation work made Roof Maxx’s lives a lot easier. Better data across the board has helped them make better decisions, which in turn, has driven a positive return on investment.

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We’ve Got You Covered on All Things Digital

If you’re looking to bolster your digital marketing with marketing automation, Big Leap is here to lend a hand. As a Hubspot Gold Partner, our expert team of inbound marketers have access to unique marketing automation tools that will help your business consistently reel in qualified leads and maximize your ROI. Be sure to contact us and request a free site audit to discover the customized strategies we can design for you.

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