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Project Overview

Keywords in the Top 3 Google Positions
Featured Snippets/ Answer Boxes
Leads Per Month from New FAQ Page
Industry Type B2C
Value Offered Boost in organic visibility, rankings, and leads

Project Overview

When you’re managing a growing business, taking full ownership of all the parts is easier said than done. Roof Maxx offered a new, sustainable product, the first of its kind. The company was gaining quick traction, yet it didn’t have the online marketing expertise or bandwidth to leverage its full potential. 

Never having worked with a digital marketing agency, the company entrusted Big Leap to build and develop its online strategy starting in 2019. And it was well worth it—after driving a long-term campaign that leaned on a customized SEO and content marketing roadmap, Roof Maxx bolstered its online real estate and earned a 6,268% increase in keyword rankings and 30+ leads each month. 

Learn all the details about how our three-year partnership, centered on strategy and data, won lasting results for Roof Maxx.


Our Strategy

When elevating your online real estate on a platform like Google, you need to ensure your site not only caters to the user experience, but is also rich with quality content that wins the trust of your target audience. 

For Roof Maxx, this involved three key parts: site revamp, FAQ pages, and keyword research and content strategy.

Site Revamp

We first worked on rebuilding Roof Maxx’s site. Our objective was to improve the structure for user and SEO purposes. Since the business had over 200 dealers of their product, Big Leap created a system of microsites for each dealer and their location. 

By restructuring their site, we created a deep and vast internal linking structure, which helped build its authority. Big Leap also worked on injecting quality content into these microsites. The content focused on offering details on the dealer and what they can help homeowners achieve via Roof Maxx’s services.

FAQ Pages

With the newly updated site launched, Big Leap shifted its focus to developing FAQ pages. This was done to ensure our client had content that helped solve their audience’s pain points and amplify the user experience. 

We tapped into key questions Roof Maxx’s target audience was searching for on Google to target the right questions and produce relevant content. This project would help build authority and heighten our client’s potential in improving their online visibility. 

Keyword Research and Content Strategy

When we started working with Roof Maxx, its site was ranking for irrelevant keywords that weren’t producing quality traffic. Our team understood that providing value to Roof Maxx’s audience would ultimately help them win the right traffic. So next on Big Leap’s agenda was keyword research. 

Keyword research helped our SEO experts discover the specific terms and roofing topics that addressed the pain points and questions the Roof Maxx audience had. We used this data to build out high-quality content pieces, such as in-depth guides, that would educate and offer value for those prospective customers.

So far, the client is thrilled with the work that we have been doing and is excited about the future. They have trusted us for over 3 years now and even when we have changed point of contact, the client still stuck with us. We helped build them from the ground up.

Dustin Gallagher

SEO Manager


The Results

By focusing quality in Roof Maxx’s SEO and content marketing campaign, our client was able to earn significant online visibility, traffic, and rankings—all of which have helped solidify Roof Maxx as a thought leader in their industry and win more leads. 

  • When we started working with Roof Maxx in July 2019, their website was ranking for a total of 201 keywords, with 18 of those keywords in the top three positions. As of January 2023, Roof Maxx is currently ranking for 12,800+ keywords, with 611 of those keywords ranking in the top three positions of the Google SERPs. 

Thus, we’re looking at a: 

    • 6268% increase in overall ranking keywords
    • 3294% increase in keywords ranking in the top 3 positions
Graph showing significant SEO improvements between Feb 2021 and December 2023.
  • Since starting with Roof Maxx, we have acquired 70+ featured snippets/answer boxes on the search engine results page (SERP). These results helped our client be visible at the very top of the SERP, helping bolster their visibility and authority.
  • The FAQ pages we helped build earned 30+ leads per month. This illustrates the value audience/customer data has in building meaningful content that converts.

Big Leap Has You Covered on All Things Digital

If you need an extra hand with your online marketing, the Big Leap team has you covered. We’ve helped hundreds of growing businesses establish their online footing to gain bottom-line results. 

Contact us today. In the meantime, learn more about what we can achieve for you.

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