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Financial Company SEO Case Study with Power Finance Texas

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Project Overview

Increase in Keyword Rankings
Increase in Traffic
Increase in Clicks for Loan Pages
Website https://powerfinancetexas.com/
Industry Financial lending
Value Provided Boost in traffic and loan applications amid YMYL fluctuations
Project Overview

When you’re in the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) space, especially as a financial lender, SEO is a whole other ballgame. You’ve probably heard us and other agencies talk about how SEO can be volatile. Well, YMYL sites are perhaps the epitome of this statement. 

Weathering the online storms in that space is quite the undertaking, to say the least. Just ask the financial lending company Power Finance Texas.

A Big Leap client since January 2013, Power Finance Texas has undergone its fair share of SEO difficulties, not to mention moving to a fully digital service amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Throughout our 10+ year relationship, we’ve been able to proactively manage online volatilities while leveraging conversion opportunities—all of which have helped contribute to a 2,874.47% increase in rankings

But we’re only scratching the surface there. Keep reading for the details on how we navigated the ebbs and flows of the SEO landscape.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

A business must walk a fine line in the payday lending space. There are unique and often challenging verbiage and online reputation standards to follow. The Big Leap team accepted the challenge to help our client identify strategic ways to elevate content while winning the trust of their audience and Google.

Fortunately, our client understands the patience and long-term perspective required for a quality SEO strategy. This understanding was pivotal in nurturing a partnership centered on collaboration and trust. 

Keyword Audit and Research

We made keyword audits and research a continuous part of our strategy to support our client’s transition from a physical to a digital business. Our team examined new phrases that complemented their now fully digital service.

After identifying new topics that Power Finance Texas could target, we performed a competitive analysis of search engine results pages (SERPs). The research showed us how Power Finance Texas’ competitors used those keywords, helping us determine what we could do differently to elevate our client’s authority and credibility in their space.

Salvaged Rankings from Algorithm Updates

Businesses/sites that fall under YMYL often receive additional scrutiny from Google, manifesting in ranking and traffic drops. Power Finance Texas was no stranger to these declines amid algorithm updates. 

 Essentially, new algorithm updates would result in Power Finance Texas losing hundreds of keyword rankings. Thus, we invested more time to develop an extensive and robust new keyword profile to combat this. Establishing these precautionary steps allowed us to recover from the updates and grow our client’s overall keyword performance.

Hyper-Focused Web Pages

Our research revealed that we would succeed best with niche, long-tail keywords. We targeted keywords focused on the client’s specialties: speed, ease, smaller loan amounts, and online opportunities. 

We created 10 landing pages to focus on these unique selling points. These pages would help us capture traffic for different keywords and allow Power Finance Texas to illustrate its expertise in the business.

Going in, we knew SEO would be a long-term strategy—one that often entails periods of ups and downs, especially in our industry. We appreciate Big Leap’s proactiveness in identifying strategies to help keep our SEO moving in the right direction.
Mike New
CMO, Power Finance Texas


The Results

Power Finance Texas’ knowledge and awareness of the algorithm fluctuations in their industry opened up rich avenues to test new processes. These strategies allowed us to collect valuable insights and ultimately help our client achieve and maintain the online authority their business needed.

Change on Google

Here’s how that authority manifested itself:

  • 2,874.47% increase in keyword rankings
  • 76% increase in traffic 
  • 40% increase in clicks for loan pages
screenshot from Google Search Console comparison chart displaying improvements in both clicks and impressions
Stay the Course with Big Leap

SEO isn’t perfect, and the number doesn’t always demonstrate a positive trend. But Big Leap knows that shortcuts aren't the answer. A quality online strategy requires sticking to ethical, white-hat tactics and staying the course. If you’re in a YMYL space, it’s worth seeking extra help.

Contact us for a free SEO audit to get the ball rolling. And if you’d like to learn more about what we can achieve for you, one of our SEO strategists will be happy to help. Connect with us today.

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