“Thanks to AI, improving the SEO of your eCommerce website has never been easier.” —Rob Miller, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist and AI Expert

If you’ve read Big Leap’s AI policy, then you know we responsibly leverage AI tools as a way to bolster efficiency and performance. One example? Using ChatGPT for eCommerce site efforts.

Your team and Google ultimately want to deliver the best possible shopping experience for your site visitors. By understanding how to take advantage of ChatGPT, you can offer a stellar user experience and attract the right traffic, thereby boosting your SEO potential. 

Here are three things ChatGPT can do to improve the visibility of your eCommerce website: 

1. Metadata Creation

Say goodbye to generic meta titles and descriptions. ChatGPT can help you craft higher-quality metadata by offering alternative titles and descriptions. Depending on what it generates, you can then tailor the content for your target consumers.

You can also test out alternative meta titles and descriptions to assess which phrasing yields the best results. 

The outcome? More qualified traffic, clicks, and engagement rates. 

2. Structured Data

ChatGPT assists in generating data for schema markups—code that informs Google of your products and other web pages. This helps Google display your content in a rich-snippet format, ultimately increasing your product pages’ visibility for more relevant search queries. 

There are a variety of rich snippet types out there, like products, reviews, and breadcrumb lists. 

Here’s one example of a review-rich format for an eCommerce website:

Screenshot of a review-rich format

Google states: Remember that shoppers may be looking for more than product pages at different stages in their shopping journey.

Thus, our SEO Team encourages business owners to use specific structured data relevant to eCommerce sites. Read Google’s guidelines to get started on the data types. 

3. Blog Content Ideation

Blog content that engages users improves your SEO. After all, users want an informative buying experience to help them feel confident in their purchases. 

But ideating content is easier said than done. It takes a lot of brainstorming power and time to build out a full content roadmap. Fortunately, ChatGPT can provide topic ideas to help spur your team’s creative process. 

Simply ask the tool to share ideas on a particular subject. The answers ChatGPT offers can serve as a starting point for the brainstorming process. 

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Lean on Collaborative Partnerships

Establishing your eCommerce brand as an authority this year doesn’t have to feel too far off, thanks to ChatGPT’s efficiency. 

If you have any questions or need further guidance on how to use ChatGPT for eCommerce, Big Leap’s AI team is here to lend a hand. Connect with us.