10 SEO Tips for Startups

In the startup world, where resources are stretched paper-thin and everyone wears ten hats each, it’s commo...

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How To Do An Instagram SEO Audit

In the past, many would have said that Instagram was not a significant ranking factor for SEO primarily due...

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YouTube Optimization: How to Increase Views & Results in 5 Easy Steps

YouTube is one of the oldest social media platforms that’s still popular today, and it has incredible marke...

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How to Manage Your Site Map with Search Console

A “sitemap” is a file you submit to Google to tell the search engine which pages on your website ...

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How to Leverage a Website with Little Content on It

Here at Big Leap, we spend a lot of time preaching the value of high-quality content. No other ma...

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How to Optimize Old Blogs to Bring New Traffic

Let’s say your business published a blog post twice a week, every week, for three years. That’s o...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Google’s Page Speed Insight Tool

Think fast: how long will you wait for a website to load before you click away? If ...

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How to Come Up With a Topic for Your Blog

People get into blogging for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you just launched a small ...

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How to Create the Best Framework for Content

Content marketing is much, much more than just sitting down in front of your computer and writing...

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The Best KPIs for Content Marketing in 2019

Certain types of marketing or advertising campaigns can feel relatively cut and dry, even with fa...

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How to Use the New Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an intelligent tool that tracks your website’s performance and sends you...

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Using Third Party Sites to Help Your Online Reputation

Maintaining your online reputation is an important part of any good digital marketing plan. In to...

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