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Digital Marketing News Roundup – November 2016


Digital marketing is fast-paced, dynamic practice. Each month we put together a quick recap of the most important digital marketing news across SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media.
LinkedIn Opens Sponsored InMail for All Accounts
Social media is a fascinating and powerful tool. It can help you brand reach the masses and it can also help you […]

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Digital Marketing News Roundup – October 2016


Google Announces Mobile-First Index
Google fueled the mobile marketing craze mid-October by announcing that in coming months it will begin a mobile-only index of the web. This index will be used in Google’s primary index of the web and should come as no surprise with nearly 60% of Google searches coming from mobile devices.

If your […]

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Our 3 Biggest Takeaways from #SLCDMC

SLC|SEM hosted their second annual Digital Marketing Conference last week. Nearly every Big Leaper was able to attend at least one day of the conference and many attended both days. We learned, we laughed (thanks Annie and Amy), we connected with old friends, made some new friends, and we walked away with a few more […]

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6 Utah Ad Agencies Doing Social Media Right

On the Big Leap blog, we’ve discussed the importance of digital marketing. We’ve gone over the value of social media success and how to measure that success. As professional marketing consultants, we understand the vital necessity of marketing across all platforms in today’s digitally-centered era.

With an estimated 3,270,490,584 people using the Internet each day, maintaining […]

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What We Learned at the SLC|SEM Digital Marketing Conference

Salt Lake City, and by extension, the state of Utah, had its first Digital Marketing Conference this week that brought together hundreds of the best companies and brightest minds in the area. And by all accounts, the conference was a huge success, paving the way for future conferences and more great events coming to […]

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Where was everybody on Thursday? If you were looking for some of the top people at the fastest growing companies in Utah, a lot of them were at the Grand America in Salt Lake City for the Utah Business Fast 50 Awards Luncheon.

Who was there? Well, Sam Urie, publisher of Utah Business Magazine, and Shauna […]

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Meet The Pres: Introducing Our New President

Dan Posner has been at Big Leap since the beginning of its outward growth, when the company was little more than a few friends running a startup SEO firm. After a few months of hard labor associated with starting a company from the ground up, he was promoted to the manager of sales, and Dan […]

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Help Big Leap Win Money

Did you know that your vote can help us win money?

It’s true! If you vote for Big Leap as an awesome small business, we could win up to $100k! For the 4th consecutive year, Chase Bank is running their Mission Main Street Grants contest. This year they’re giving 20 small businesses a $100,000 grant if […]

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Google’s “Mobile-Friendly” Algorithm

On April 21, 2015 Google will be updating its search algorithm with a new algorithm designed specifically to focus on mobile search results. Mobile device usage has been on the rise ever since the early 2000’s and now device usage is prevalent enough in search results that Google has decided it’s time to step in […]

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Search Algorithm Changes Raise Alarms

With modern marketing practices, the success of your business is inseparably tied to the amount of good things people are saying about you online. And in 2014, that often boils down to the number of people who can find your website on Google. So “Pigeon,” the latest change made to Google’s search algorithm should be […]

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