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How to Keep Your Funnel Clear While Building Content

Content marketing might seem like the most simple, straightforward platform out there. You start a blog, you set your goals, you create a strategy, and then you write the content. While it may sound easy, it’s common for brands to work hard to develop a strong strategy for their content marketing (or pay someone to […]

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Featured Snippets: The Definitive Guide

How do you get your content into Google’s Featured Snippets (also commonly called “Rich snippets”)? This guide will show how to create content, structure it, and what to place where to get those coveted featured snippets. What are rich snippets? Rich snippets, or “featured answers,” are highlighted organic search results that Google features at the […]

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HTTP v HTTPS: What’s the Difference?

Security has continued to be one of the biggest concerns for people on the internet, and rightfully so. We share A LOT of information on the internet today. From purchasing household items on Amazon to checking our bank accounts, odds are that you have entered credit card information or entered your bank account PIN to […]

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