Every business’s ultimate goal is to attract quality clients more easily, and in turn, make more money consistently over time. This will allow you to take more time off and have more fun–both in business and at home.

Secrets to Getting More Quality Clients

Now how does a business get more quality clients by using Google? Jon Rognerud, an entrepreneur fellow, put on a special small business webinar on this exact topic. He talks about “10 secrets to easily gain new clients and dollars from local search marketing.” He poses the question: “If you knew how to get more qualified clients using Google Local, would you spend 30-60 minutes weekly performing simple tasks?”

The entire video will give you added knowledge and great insights on how to help your business rank higher in the local listings of Google search results. These 10 secrets are very simple, free, and will help you consistently bring in more quality clients overtime. I highly recommend watching it from the beginning, but if you want to skip to the 10 secrets, that starts at 17:20 and ends at 29:10–just 12 minutes.

Go ahead and press the play button to get started on helping your business rank higher on Google, gain more exposure, and bring in more clients and revenue.

Austin Lund