What Should an Advertising Agency Look For in a White Label Digital Marketing Partner?

Are you an advertising agency that is looking to expand your online marketing service offerings to help better meet the needs of your clients?  Hiring a white-labeled partnering agency may be beneficial for your business so that you can provide additional services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), Content Marketing, or Social [...]

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SEO for SaaS Companies – Reporting & Attribution Basics

Search engine optimization is more than just the creative work that goes into our strategies. You can spend a lot of time and money carrying out elaborate SEO campaigns, but they will be worth little unless you understand the results. That’s where reporting and attribution come in—they help you identify your successes (and failings) and [...]

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How to Protect Your Brand With Reputation Management

Everyone has heard the phrase “any publicity is good publicity,” but you probably haven’t heard the phrase recently and there’s a good reason why: it’s not true. At least not anymore. Case in point, Samsung is currently in crisis mode regarding the release and recall of its exploding Galaxy Note 7. The news of [...]

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How To Rule at Twitter with Advanced TweetDeck Strategies

  Back in the summer of 2008 an app developer, Iain Dodsworth, released the first version of TweetDeck. Initially the app focused solely on Twitter, but Dodsworth later added support for publishing posts to Facebook and released iOS and Android versions of the app for both smartphones and tablets. TweetDeck simplified scheduling content across Facebook [...]

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How to Do Content Marketing for Insurance Agencies

Content marketing is creating big benefits for businesses and marketing agencies that have figured out how to do it right. The strategies for doing it right, however, differ from industry to industry and often meet with unique challenges. Content marketing for insurance agencies is full of opportunities for success—but you have to know what you’re [...]

5 Ways To Market Your Business Through Reddit

As discussed in The Growing Effect of Social Media On Marketing, adapting your marketing strategies to utilize current, popular social media platforms is absolutely essential for effective business. Reddit, a new, unique networking online community, is one particularly favored marketing platform that allows users to submit news, text, direct links, media and other personalized content. [...]

5 Tools to Better Motivate Employees

Managers all over the world struggle every day to motivate their employees to work harder and perform at the highest level possible. Last year, Forbes published an article listing the top motivating factors for employees according to a survey of over 200,000 employees from over 500 organizations. They found these to be the top six [...]

3 Tips to Making Your Facebook Post Go Viral

With over one billion people on Facebook, it has become a great opportunity for companies who want to market themselves and expand their audience. Getting shares, likes and interactions has become increasingly more important as consumers increasingly rely on social media to inform their buying decisions. “Going viral” has become the pinnacle of social media [...]

9 Arizona Ad Agencies With A Strong Twitter Game

A recent Big Leap blog post, The Growing Effect of Social Media on Marketing, highlighted a fundamental characteristic of social media: interactivity. As much more than a platform for just photos, videos, or posts – social media is a network of webpages that allow users to interact with each other through conversation, sharing, tagging, reposting [...]