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Check out Digirevcon 2014

If you have been keeping up to date on all of the internet marketing conferences, you must have realized by now that there are many to choose from.  If you have not been able to attend any of the other conferences, then maybe this next conference will be for you.   It’s called Digirevcon, and it […]

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Sitemaps: How to get one

Google View Imagine for a moment that you are the Google crawler robot, and you are tasked with indexing the internet. I know, you are thinking that this is ridiculous, but play along for a second. Your job is to make a map of the internet so that the average person can find their way […]

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SMX Workshop Update

There are a number of cool SEO conferences that are coming up, including SearchLove next weekend, but there has been a recent update on SMX Social Media Marketing 2014.  Not to be confused with SMX East, SMX Social Media Marketing will be held a month later in Las Vegas, Nevada.  SMX Social Media Marketing will […]

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The #Hashtag Takeover

When you see this # you no longer think of it as symbolizing a number, it is now called the “hashtag” to anyone who has or has had social media. Used for grouping relevant items together or showing off to you friends how clever you can be with a hashtag #anythingyouhashicanhashbetter… And of course hilarious […]

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