This is a good question seeing as the Google+ platform and Google Places are somewhat similar in nature; however, this situation does give us two different options as to where we create a new business listing.

Which is the Better Option?

Before answering that question, you should know that no matter which option you go for, either way the data goes to the same place: the canonical Knowledge Graph local record. However, Google makes strong recommendations to create a new business listing on Google Places (

Read about Google’s recommendations in more detail when the Google Places for Business dashboard came out by following this link:!category-topic/business/I0Royu8V9x8.

Why Choose Google Places for Business to Create Your Listing?

According to this article by David Mihm, Comparing the Google+ and Google Places Page Management Interfaces, he talks about several areas where the Google+ platform is deficient and the Google Places for Business Dashboard is strong.


1. He first explains that there is no user interface hierarchy in the Google+ Page Management Interface, while the Google Places Dashboard has extremely clear messaging.

2. Google+ mis-targets the average SMB (small-medium sized business) with mis-targeted call to actions. On the other hand, Google Places perfectly targets the average SMB.

3. The Google+ platform has slightly misleading insights, while Google Places shows clearer insights.

4. The Google+ platform offers no help; Google Places for Business offers terrific tooltips and inline help text.

5. Another very helpful option for in the Google Places for Business Dashboard is it’s Phone Support.


I, myself, have benefited from the Phone Support. They can troubleshoot a variety of problems. In fact, during one conversation I had with a representative, he actually explained in detail why business owners should create their listings on Google Places for Business, using some of the reasons above. He also mentioned that once a business listing is set up on Google Places, a listing will subsequently be added on the Google+ platform automatically.

In conclusion, I echo the words of David Mihm: “I’m surprised Google continues to throw any energy into promoting the Plus management option to small businesses, let alone developing and maintaining it. Any business owner who visits Plus should be sent right over to the Places for Business Dashboard.”