When setting up your Facebook page and working on a social media campaign, there are two very important decisions to make: What pictures will you use as your profile and timeline photos?  While it is good practice to have high quality and professional photos, why not have a little fun?  I’ve found some really creative ways to match your timeline and profile pictures in a fun and unique way.

First though, there are a few basics to cover.  When adding new pictures, you can crop basically any reasonably sized photo, but if you want to do some fun tweaks, it will be easier to have your photos in certain sizes.  Facebook requires that your profile pic be at least 180 x 180 pixels. Facebook will crop it to 160 x160.  Which is around 88% of the original size.  Keep that in mind when chosing your photo.

There are a few more details in the cover photo than just a square.  So here’s a nice nice graphic to reference for those details:










Now that the technical parts are out of the way, here are some great ideas to try out:

1 The seamless transition










2 Yo dog.  I heard you like profile pictures










3 Adding a Frame










4 The photo Collection









5 The Drivers License









6 Wolfenstein













Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/CoverPhotoSize, Fabio Maravilla, Niels Langeveld, Delphin Hauchard, Kay Int Veen, Brian A. Fredette, Ori Hasson