Dear Diary,

Almost two weeks ago, after a long job search, I was inducted into the strange yet exciting world of Big Leap. Before this point I had never even heard of the company, but I was willing to give the job a try once I understood some basics about what they do there.

The first thing I learned was that Big Leap uses various methods to help their clients maximize the effectiveness of their own web pages. They do this in multiple ways such as: designing and improving the quality of their clients’ sites, building links to these sites to improve their rankings in the organic search section of Google, and submitting articles to the web using key words that would help boost these clients’ websites as well.

Big Leap does a lot of other things besides these, but it was remarkable to me (as a brand new member of the team) to see how efficiently and qualitatively they were able to work on a website. I learned that it isn’t easy to improve a website’s rankings, but that it is possible with the right team, tools, and know-how.

Also, starting off, I was grateful for the weekly company training meetings which have allowed me to continually improve at my job. Everyone has been kind enough to help me through the initial learning phase of my job to the point where I feel confident in what I am doing now.

If I had to choose my favorite thing about Leadgenix, it would probably be that we all work as a team. Even though we come from different backgrounds and have different skills, we all get along and get the job done well!



Ps. Now that I can search-engine-optimize, things will never be the same!