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Have you ever wanted to make a YouTube video that would go viral overnight? Something that everyone will be talking about for months to come?

Something that will bring traffic to your website and increase your business? As much as we would all love this, it sounds much easier than it really is.

It’s All About Videos

When you think of YouTube, you think of videos. More specifically, entertaining videos.  There are some competitors, like Vine and Instagram video, but nobody really comes close.

You usually do not visit YouTube to look for products, promotions, or basic information. You find something that you think would be entertaining or that your friend told you about and you start searching.

Although YouTube is a place, as they say, to “Broadcast Yourself,” It is a place to broadcast your brand as well. There are many ways to Picture of a tv with a play button in the middle of it symbolizing YouTube.effectively do this.

First of all, you can make a how-to video.

If you are a business with a product that can be complex, or maybe it is simple, you just have questions on how to do certain things, you can create a how-to video for your users. This is a very effective way to get brand awareness out and inform your users.

Another way to get brand awareness is to make a video showing you are the authority in your field. Make sure the videos you are making offer the viewer an easy way, but an effective way as well.

Show them that you love what you do. Show them results, feedback from other users who have used the specific product, to add validity to you.


The next thing is to be entertaining.

If you are hoping to get results from your YouTube videos, you have to find something that people will want to see. One example of a very successful YouTube channel is Old Spice.

We have all seen the guy who is in the bathroom, then on a boat, then on a horse, holding a bottle of Old Spice body wash. This is a video that is so entertaining that many people have gone back for seconds and thirds. It is simple social media marketing, but yet very entertaining.

Have Fun

Picture of two young kids.

The main point is to have fun with your YouTube Marketing.

YouTube may not be for you. But if you are going to give it a try, make sure you make it worth your while. Have fun with it. Don’t make it too serious because that is not why people use YouTube.

They want something that will entertain them. If you can learn how to entertain your user while informing them at the same time, that can be a very effective campaign.




Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director