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By nature, we as human beings attempt to make whatever it is we do easier (cars, computers, and subordinates). However there are certain things that we are not allowed to do. Sometimes the potential payoff for ‘cheating’ is enough to encourage someone venture into grey or even black areas. Well black hat SEO is definitely one of those things. The allure of keyword stuffing or link farming to boost search results quickly is most certainly tempting. It may even go unnoticed.

That was not the case for JCPenny this week as Google busted them for engaging in black hat SEO practices. The company was ranking number one for a large variety of search terms (ahead of their much larger and more successful competition). As it turns out, the companies marketing firm decided to cheat the system to achieve astronomical results. Which they did… for a period of time.

Now, however, Google has demoted JCPenny to rank in the 70th + position on all of their search terms. Dropping down that low will absolutely kill you site traffic (who looks for results on the 7th page after all).

It may be tempting to keyword stuff, link farm, use background color keywords, spam, etc… in the end it will probably come back to bite you which will be costly; especially if Google drops searching your site altogether. So just stick to good SEO practices.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director