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One of the most popular up-and-coming websites is a local review company called Yelp. Users can post and read reviews about companies across the nation, but more specifically in their local area. Here are some tips for how to use yelp to your advantage:

1. Be active on Yelp

If you’re active on yelp, your reviews will be posted and stay, but if you only post one comment for your own company and do nothing else it’ll be tagged for spam and be removed. Yelp wants real people to post real comments and reviews for companies, so you have to prove that you’re a real boy and not just a computer.

2. Add your Business

Once you get on yelp and play around with it for a little while, look for your company. If you see your company, then take ownership or claim it. If you don’t see it, submit it. Make sure and fill out your entire profile for your company, by adding photos and all possible information that you can give. The more information, the more likely people searching for your company will want to come and visit/purchase.

3. Yelp is a Social Network, Treat it Like One

On Yelp you are able to add friends and contacts to your personal profile, do so. The more friends and contacts you have on Yelp the more likely you are going to be able to spread the good news about you and your company. Also, with contacts, you can ask them to give your business an honest review and build its profile.

4. Direct Current Loyal Customers to Yelp

You are a business and should (hopefully) be making at least a little bit of money. If you’re making money, that usually means that you have some customers and some of them are going to be happy ones. Go and find these customers and give them some sort of incentive to go on yelp and review your company. Give them something free or a percentage off their next purchase, just something to get them to yelp.

5. Rank it

Yelp can be one of the highest ranking pages you get for your company, because of its popularity. Make sure and build it up to fit your needs and even consider doing a little bit of SEO work on it to aid in the ranking process.

We hope that you now know a little bit more about yelp and the possibilities that lie in store for you and your company through this site. Also remember that there are other review sites on the internet as well, and to build your profile elsewhere is also a good idea.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director