Do you find yourself struggling to come up with meaningful, sharable content that represents your brand and promotes interaction in only 140 characters? You’re not alone! Thousands of individuals and companies just like you deal with this issue every time they attempt to tweet.

Publishing a poorly written tweet can be a recipe for total brand disaster while a correctly written tweet can help you reach many of your social media and marketing goals. But is a perfect tweet really possible with only 140 characters? The answer is an overwhelming YES! The following suggestions will help you as you begin to create the perfect tweet.

Understand What Perfect Means

Before you begin tweeting, you need to understand why people are on Twitter in the first place. The majority of people who use Twitter use it to be entertained and to receive up to the second news and information. In other words they look for content that is sharable, or content that they would enjoy sharing with their friends.

What is considered sharable content? Sharable content is almost always content that is funny, helpful, newsworthy, or inspiring. When you have constructed a tweet that falls into one of these categories and your followers begin to share it with their friends, you have created a perfect tweet!

Content is Key

As you begin to create sharable tweets that are funny, helpful, newsworthy, or inspiring, you need to decide how you want to convey your message. While the text of your tweet is important, including images, videos, and links into your tweets will significantly increase their sharability.

Room for Retweets

Although Twitter allows you up to 140 characters, (remember that links will automatically be shortened to fit) try to make your tweet as short as possible. The shorter the tweet, the more sharable it will be. Leaving room at the end of your tweet will allow others to retweet and have room to comment when they do so.

An Example of a Perfect Tweet from Wendy's

An Example of a Perfect Tweet from Wendy’s


By now you have probably discovered how hashtags are used on Twitter. One common mistake however, is to just throw them in at the end of your Tweet. Instead, include hasthags into the body of the message, making them a part of the actual sentence. It will look less spammy and will show off your creative side!

Watch Your Grammar

The final suggestion is to make sure that what you publish is professional and well written. Often times spelling and grammar errors can be masked inside the bodies of large pieces of text, but when you only have 140 characters, mistakes will stand out! Make sure you read over and edit all of your tweets before sending them out for the world to see and share!