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Reaching your audience is more than just selling an idea by the integrity of the writing alone. Writers flood the internet with new articles every day. Because of the sheer amount of water rushing in, who’s going to notice a drop or two, even if that article could cure cancer? Some articles can stand on their writing alone, it is true, but that’s not true of the majority.

The problem is that people aren’t always looking for your idea. They don’t usually hop on the internet to find an article talking about the upswing of Spanish tweets around the world. People don’t wake up with the urge to find out about this. What they do search for is information regarding what’s going on.

They search the internet daily for information on topics they’re hearing on the news or from their friends. They only want to see articles on what’s trending now. That said, a writer that applies what’s going on now to their topic is going to better attract the attention of their target audience. Nathan, one of our SEO specialists, championed that write style in his recent post Tweets Gone Wild: Papal Edition.

Pope Election

In this post, Nathan showed how the recent papal election will reflect a changing trend in the languages people are tweeting in.

There has been a growing trend of Spanish tweets over the past few years and the election has only increased that statistic. An increasing language demographic reflects a changing audience. A changing audience means new potential business for companies that jump on board quickly.

Business Advantage

International companies could attract the attention of South America by simply being one of the first to tweet in their lingo. This could be a great opportunity for companies to break free from the clutter of commercialized tweets in the U.S. and be a social media giant for a few years. It’s easier to stick out in a niche when 300,000 competitors are removed from the equation.


Nathan made his point while joining the social conversation. Who else in the SEO world was showing long-term change in Twitter with the Papacy? How many companies looking for information on the topic ran into his advice and gained useful information that could give them an edge on their competitors? How much more likely was Google going to show Nathan’s post to interested parties?

Google likes current events. You have information your audience is looking for. Combine current events in your copy to improve your visibility on the internet. Your current copywriting will have a better chance of attracting your audience.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director