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Think back ten years ago.  What technologies did you value most?  In 2002, the first blackberry was released and the start of the smartphone craze began.  How important was it ten years ago to have internet on your phone?  Now, the world becomes the apocalypse the moment you move away from an internet hotspot and you’re out of range of the 4G network.

So what does that mean for the internet marketing?  With the vase new capabilities now offered on-line, internet marketing has expanded immensely.   One of these novel shifts is word of mouth marketing to word of mouse marketing.

The Mouse Runs Farther than the Mouth

For years and years the best marketing strategy was word of mouth.  If you could get someone talking about your business to their friends, they were more likely to buy your product, than if they saw an advertisement or any other form of marketing.

Today, however, this is not the case.  Though the principle has stayed the same of making customers happy to spread business, the reach of people’s opinion has expanded thanks to word of mouse.  Word of mouse refers any kind of conversing with others online, for example, blogging, commenting, and online reviews.

Now that we are connected by social media websites, it is not hard to see a friend’s opinion of a recent product that they have used.   You can see what other friends like this product as well, and get more facts and reviews from people all over the world.

Online Marketing Teams Save the Day

Where word of mouth could reach only as far as ‘the sound of their voice’ word of mouth can spread throughout the word.  Thus now to keep a business alive in today’s world, you need a good online marketing team.

One of the important aspects of a marketing team is to get someone to be in charge of reputation management.  This is making sure that all unhappy customers that write bad reviews can be responded to correct any misunderstanding and save the company’s reputation.

When your reputation is on the line, you do not want just anyone managing your account.  Make sure to find a good company to help you manage your reputation online.  So don’t wear out your voice trying to spread the word, get a good online marketing team and get the word of mouse out!


Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director