With SEO, Patience Is More Than a Virtue

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The growing Ameri-demic of instant gratification commonly infects SEO clients. To many, patience is a foreign concept; to some, a four-letter word. The best way to create a lasting business relationship with your SEO clients is to discuss the importance of patience in his or her near and distant future.

Successful businesses all have strong relationships with their clients among their principal strengths. In order for your local search engine optimization services for small businesses to do any good for you, you have to develop a strong relationship with your clients. This starts at the beginning. So you have to tell them the following things before you even start their work.Search Engine Optimization Without Patience

  • Getting things going takes a lot of communication, work, and time. Starting SEO without the preparatory work is like waking up to run a relay race in your pajamas without any knowledge of the course or what your teammates’ names are. This beginning period is the optimal time to explain reasonable expectations to the client.
  • Keeping things going takes less communication, more work, and more time.You don’t work magic, and SEO miracles are rare. What real SEO comes down to is lots of work over a reasonable period of time. Your work should include many different kinds of link building. The majority consists of making many small links
  • Making things work has to take time. Things need to look natural for search engines to feel okay about new growth and changes. Otherwise, your growth looks cancerous to search engines.
  • Sometimes search engines take their time. We honestly can’t help that. It’s a really big online community, and it takes some time for the crawlers to get through it all.
  • Overtaking competitors takes time. And the more competitors you’re up against, the more effort you have to expend to get to number one.
  • Staying ahead, once you get there, takes work. Even if your competitors aren’t working as hard as you are to become an authority online, search engines like to see some new and some old. That means new and old content, new and old links, & new and old traffic.

Explaining all of this to clients before the work begins can make the road to number one a lot less bumpy.

Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director