Will Building Links Too Fast Hurt Your Website's Rankings?

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Although the Internet has been available to the public since the 90’s, there is still a large percent of the population that doesn’t understand it isn’t a magic cloud of chaos. There is a method to everything. Nowadays, Google seems to be the equivalent of the Internet in many people’s eyes (with good reason). People use Google for everything. Want to find a great recipe? Ask Google. Need directions? Ask Google.

But, guess what? There is also a method to Google. Are you aware of how all those different websites make it to the top of Google’s search results? It all has to do with the website’s perceived relevance on the Internet. Are people talking about your website? Are they sharing links with friends? Are other businesses linking to your site? Is your site making an internal linking structure for itself?

The Penguin Update

It makes a fair bit of sense that links=relevance, and therefore more links=more relevance and higher rankings. This is how a lot of companies sold their SEO services for a long time, employing manipulative, black-hat SEO practices that involved keyword stuffing and link farms. A lot of the same practices are still around today, but Google has cracked down on unnatural link building.

I recently gave a presentation to a classroom of students interested in SEO. After I explained how it all worked, they thought they had me pinned against a wall. “Well, why can’t you just build a ton of links right when your site goes up?” they asked. “That way your little site can fool Google about its relevance and you will shoot right to the top of the rankings.”

As usual, students tend to think they’re a bit smarter than they are. I explained to them that Google requires natural link building. If you build 1,000 links right when your site goes up it will actually hurt your rankings. You might not even show up. This is a result of Google’s Penguin update, which was created to put black-hat SEOers out of business.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Unfortunately, because of Google’s supposed omniscience there is no fast-food version of link building. Gradual progression, slow and steady, wins the race. The new Google updates haveOnly industry approved SEO practices will help you rank high on Google. made it all the more important to have someone running your SEO who is honest and good at what they do. If your SEO provider is inconsistent in building links, your rankings will suffer.

For example, if my SEO provider is hired to build 25 links every month they should do just that. If they build 100 in one month, and then do nothing for the next three months (the equivalent of 25/month) my rankings will take a beating.

Make sure that you are hiring companies with integrity who aren’t afraid to keep you in the loop. Big Leap has been built on the principle of accountability–to our clients and ourselves. Check out our work and determine for yourself how good you think we are.


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Jamie Bates
Online Marketing Director