Wikipedia Sends Britannica Packing

The information behemoth we all know and love, Wikipedia, continues to change the way the world does its research. Its latest victim is the print editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

First published in 1771, the Encyclopedia Britannica has recently announced that the latest edition of printed encyclopedias would be its last. They are now converting to an online only platform.

I still remember writing papers in elementary school by pulling my families copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica off the shelf and transferring the information over by hand. This research tactic is now almost completely unheard of.

The folks at Statista have put together this infographic to commemorate the end of this era. If you’re old enough to actually remember using a hard copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica, it’s definitely worth a look.

Wikipedia has forced Britannica to stop publishing hard copies of its famous encyclopedias

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One thought on “Wikipedia Sends Britannica Packing

  1. I enjoyed the Brittanica caimercmol. Stan Freeberg was/is a genius, and this was far from his best work. I liked that the kid got up from the computer to check the entries in the printed version. That has 1992 written all over it. For a while after that, the encyclopedia was on the computer, now it is all on line. The childhood obesity issue is interesting, unlike the drugs and gang issues, it affects first the child, then his family. Until the kids are stealing my stuff to buy more candy or Big Macs, not a lot of effect on me. But, someday, businesses will need those folks as employees, and the healthcare costs will prove tough. Oh, and Jimmy Carter has been the best ex-President since Hoover.

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